Yaadman DJ Khaled lists all the tasty Jamaican food at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball


Original Yaadman DJ Khaled reveals all the tasty Jamaican cuisine on the menu at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball.

DJ Khaled was previously officially ‘adopted’ by Jamaicans for his extreme love and respect for our culture and way of life. The one thing he seems to love most about Jamaica is our diverse cuisine. The music producer shared his love for Rihanna’s recent Diamond Ball menu, where they served various Jamaican dishes.

During an interview with Variety at Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball, DJ Khaled enthusiastically explains what he loved about the event. “Oh it was amazing, first of all, my first fashion show to play, but I felt like I was at an awards show, the way the production was,” turned he boasted. Khaled goes on to add, “My favorite part of all of Fenty Savage was backstage, it had jerk chicken, rice and peas, plantains and roti. I like this.”

The producer goes on to talk about RiRi: “That’s what I love about Rihanna, like backstage we had Jamaican food, Caribbean food, Barbados and I felt right at home. You know what I’m saying. And that’s what I love about Rihanna; she’s just going crazy, you know what I’m saying.

It is well known that DJ Khaled enjoys a tasty Jamaican dish. The chef of We The Best Music has posted numerous videos on his Instagram page preparing many popular Jamaican dishes such as Brown Stew Red Snapper, Brown Stew Chicken and Rice & Peas. He also recently posted a video with his 2 year old son Asahd in their garden littered with over 30 coconuts.

DJ Khaled embraces all things Jamaican and regularly visits the island. He recently announced that he will welcome a second child into his family because his wife, Nicole Tuck, is pregnant. She accompanied him to Rihanna’s annual diamond ball and looked gorgeous on the red carpet showing off her baby bump.

We can imagine how happy he will be if she craves Jamaican food while pregnant.

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