The real reason John Candy refused to watch his own movies

John Candy was far from the only person refusing to look at his own work. Kaley Cuoco looked at herself muted The Big Bang Theory rerunsgiven that she has always been critical of her work on the popular sitcom.

It was the same for Johnny Depp, who just moved on to the next project once his work is finished on a certain film.

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For John Candy, things were different behind the scenes. According to his peers, he was a joy to work with and the same goes for his treatment of fans.


However, when he was alone, the actor suffered from anxiety. We’ll take a look back at his life in front of and behind the camera, while taking a first look at a tribute documentary set to be made about the comedy legend.

John Candy was adored by his peers during his time in Hollywood

Ask any of his peers and the answer was always the same, John Candy was a joy to be around. Alone at home co-star Catherine O’Hara praised the actor not only for his company, but the way he treated others, especially the fans.

She said next single soldier, “Just as wonderful and fun and sweet and great as you could imagine. He could also be playful, and if the fans ‘started to do a bit with him, he’d notice and throw something back at them.’ “

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Bill Murray also recalled the start of his career and the unique experience of working alongside the iconic actor.

“John Candy and I started the same week, and the other actors [there] hated us. […] He and I improvised together every night because they didn’t want anything to do with us. We made Stripes together [1981] and it was really great to work with him. He was a real good guy.”

He really had a knack for improvisation, which was also praised by Steve Martin. However, despite her genius, Candy has always been her worst critic.

John Candy refused to look at himself because he was too critical of his work

Candy was adored by her peers and fans alike for her comedic genius. However, behind closed doors, Candy saw things differently. The actor was very critical of himself and therefore he refused to look at his own work.

In one of his classic quotes, he said, “I don’t watch my movies. I get too critical of myself.”

Adding, “I did The Tonight Show once and got choked up. I’m intimidated.”

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It was another side of the actor and fans weren’t exposed to it. Additionally, John’s son, Chris, said his father also had health issues for years.

“He has always worked on his weight and his health. And luckily, he helped us figure that out on our own.”

“He grew up with heart disease. My sister and I are very aware of this and take care of ourselves. His father had a heart attack, his brother had a heart attack. It was in the family. He had coaches and would work regardless of the new regime. I know he did his best,” Chris Candy told the Hollywood journalist.

The iconic actor passed away in 1994, but it’s clear his legacy hasn’t been forgotten, with a major project in the works.

Ryan Reynolds set to pay tribute to John Candy with documentary alongside Colin Hanks

Fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds loved John Candy and he made a big announcement, mentioning that a John Candy documentary is actually on the way.

Reynolds said in his tweet, “With John Candy trending I’ll just say I love him. So much @maximumeffort is working on a documentary about his life with @colinhanks. Expect tears.”

Candy’s daughter, Jennifer, gave the project a thumbs up, tweeting, “Boom! Can’t wait to work on it with them and our family. This project is in good hands.”

Reynolds paying tribute to Candy is nothing new, as he celebrated 25 years since John Candy passed away in 2019.

Fans can’t wait to see what Reynolds has in store with the touching tribute documentary.

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