The Derbyshire couple’s Jamaican takeaway and catering business are popular with customers

Andrew Brown and his girlfriend Lyndsey Coupe prepare and cook Jamaican food at their home in Scarciffe, near Bolsover.

Andrew, 58, of Jamaican descent, who cooks, said: “I’m the youngest of 12 children. I grew up with my siblings who cooked regularly, so I learned a few skills and tips I guess Jamaican cuisine is all about cooking with fresh ingredients, using as many ingredients as possible, and creating a dish with lots of flavor.

Jamaican cuisine is just as easy to cook as other cuisines, and the majority of ingredients are available in most major supermarkets, however, some of the ingredients I need to travel further afield in a city like Sheffield or Nottingham to buy Ingredients such as breadfruit plantain, goat meat, cho-cho and dasheen are just a few of the things I sometimes struggle to find locally.

Andrew grows much of the fresh ingredients he uses in his Jamaican cooking in his garden in Scarcliffe or his housing estate in Hillstown.

“Many of the ingredients I use in the kitchen come from our own garden (and the Hillstown housing estate), including eggs from our own chickens. We grow onions, potatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, peppers, corn, garlic, spring onions, beans, fennel and a variety of aromatic herbs.

“My favorite thing to cook would be ackee and saltfish, with roasted breadfruit and smoked bacon that I cure and smoke at home.”

The most popular dishes with its customers are goat curry with rice and peas, jerk chicken and salt fish fritters.

While the menu is a joint decision, Lyndsey does much of the prep work and Andrew is the chef. Andrew said: “We currently have a limited menu which we are evolving all the time, and are looking to add a few new additions to meet the needs of our gluten free and vegan customers.”

Andrew Brown says you can’t beat the flavor of charcoal-cooked jerk chicken or pork.

The couple launched their business in the fall of 2021. Andrew says: “The inspiration really came from previously selling my own marinades and spice blends and getting great feedback when people have them. The products are popular, especially at BBQ time, as my marinades are great for spicing up meals, fish and vegetables.I still sell them on our website and also on Etsy.

Brownstone Garden Kitchen also hosts events. Andrew said: “Probably the biggest event was at the Langwith Show in September where there was a steady stream of customers until we sold out completely! We also had a Caribbean night for a church in South Normanton where we picked up a group of about 20 ladies who wanted a three course Jamaican meal. Other than these these are only meals for small groups of people.

“I try to cook outdoors as much as possible (weather permitting) because you can’t beat the real flavor of jerk chicken/pork cooked over charcoal.”

When they started their business, Andrew and Lyndsey operated a small restaurant in a log cabin in their backyard that could seat up to four diners. Andrew said: “We are now running the takeaway and catering events instead as it is more cost effective. If we had a special request we would consider it but it is not available at the moment.

Bumper crop of local vegetables for Jamaican takeout.

“At the moment we only operate the take-out business on Saturday evenings and we ask people to book by 11pm on Thursday for the following Saturday due to the fresh-to-cook method we use. Currently , Lyndsey and I are running the business, although Lyndsey’s daughter Alisha will help with preparation; however, we will potentially increase our workforce in 2023 as our event bookings increase.

Takeout can be picked up from their home on Main Street or a delivery service is available within a four-mile radius of Scarcliffe.

In addition to their food business, Lyndsey and Andrew have full-time jobs. She works as a recruitment campaign manager at Derbyshire County Council while Andrew has asked that details of her job not be released for security reasons.

Lifetime Scarcliffe resident Lyndsey, 44, first met Andrew in Chesterfield 20 years ago.

To find out more about Brownstone Garden Kitchen, call 01246 240493, email: [email protected] or visit

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