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One day, Martin Scorsese will die. It’s a hard thing to accept – hard because it will be a huge loss to film culture, but also quite hard to even out to believe. Scorsese, at a very lively 77, was everywhere in 2019: igniting a debate on what cinema is or is not; inspiring autumn shots so indebted to his style that he should have received royalties; executive producer of two of other movies on this list and bringing together a Bob Dylan lost concert. And still watching The Irishman, his gangster opus to end all gangster opuses, must be constantly reminded of the promise of mortality – his, ours, everyone’s. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a remarkably quick three and a half hours, dramatizing half a century of organized crime through dark comic book showdowns (and an over-the-top performance by Al Pacino) so ridiculously delirious that they have already generated a whole library of memes. But from its first shot, a morbid parody of the Copacabana sequence in FreedmenScorsese highlights the inevitable. And his film becomes, in its beautifully dark home stretch, a meditation on the true consequences of mob life, the dastardly end that awaits men like Henry Hill, Sam Rothstein and the film’s own protagonist, the hitman of Mafia Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro, weaponizing the drowsiness of his last days work into a devastating portrait of moral absence). One of the film’s many ironies is that it uses decidedly modern means – from weathering technology to streaming platform resources – to praise an age-old genre and the careers of the artists who shaped it. But as firmly as Scorsese planted himself at the forefront, as relevant and vital and, yes, living he remains as an artist, his latest triumph is a stark acknowledgment of what is to come. If we’re lucky, The Irishman said, we must choose our own coffin. Watching the movie, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that Scorsese chose his own.[[[[AA Dowd]

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