The 10 best sports movies, according to Reddit

Sports movies have always been popular, as this year alone saw the release of Hustle, Home team, To go upand the next major release will be by Taika Waititi The next goal wins. The film stars Elizabeth Moss and Michael Fassbender, and it follows the American Samoa soccer team as they qualified for the 2014 World Cup against all odds. With Waititi at the helm, it could be an award contender, and it even has the potential to become one of the best sports movies of all time.


Although Redditors are a tough bunch to please, they’ve been quick to toss so many movies into the debate over the best sports movies of all time, and some of them are amazing. Between an epic feud between Formula 1 drivers, a hilarious Jamaican bobsled team, and not one but two Adam Sandler films, users have some interesting choices.

White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

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white men can’t jump was one of the first cool and stylish sports movies, and anyone who saw it picked up a basketball, no matter what color or size. Tinoynk puts it best, noting, “It’s hilarious, cathartic, believable, relatable, has incredible performances, and the sports action is pretty solid and realistic.”

Not only are the basketball scenes so frenetic, but the circumstances of the characters are so realistic, especially since it’s not about a rookie becoming the best sports player in the world, which is so rare for a sports film. And it’s one of the most entertaining movies when it comes to sports players hustling, and, in that respect, it’s second only to The color of money.

Creed (2015)

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Rocky is undoubtedly one of the greatest sports movies of all time, especially since it does the unprecedented and subverts expectations by having the protagonist lose at the end. However, Zofinda think the spin-off, Creedis better than the 1976 movie, and it’s the best sports movie of all time.

The Redditor comments, “I can’t believe Creed was not mentioned. It’s the best part of Rocky, plus something a bit new and fresh. And boxing is (slightly) more realistic. “Although the 2015 movie isn’t as good as the original movie, user makes good points. The punches in the fights land a lot harder than in the original movie, Michael B. Jordan is way more charismatic as Sylvester Stallone, and Rocky’s Return was fan service at its finest. It’s definitely one of the best legacy sequels ever made.

Rush (2013)

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Rush realized what Drive to survive turned into a winning formula years before the Netflix series. It dramatized the events of a Formula 1 race, and it had an audience that wasn’t even interested in the sport on the edge of their seat. It was no different for LeJudoJeffas Redditor explains, “I don’t give a damn about Formula 1 and this movie hooked me the whole time.”

The 2013 film is one of the most suspenseful films of all time, as it chronicles the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The sport of racing is more popular than it has ever been thanks to the Netflix series and the rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The film deserves more than ever to be revisited.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

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Boxing movies have been mentioned by editors far more than any other sport, and that’s no surprise, because there’s so much more adrenaline and excitement in boxing than in any other sport. But while movies like Rocky and Warrior could make adults cry, Million dollar baby will leave audiences in mourning for weeks.

AncientAlienAias thinks the 2004 release is the best sports movie, adding, “I was an absolute mess at the end. I forgot how sad this fucking movie is. Amazing movie though.” While most sports movies have positive endings, even those where the protagonists lose, Million dollar baby the ending is anything but happy.

Raging Bull (1980)

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Indeed09 points to one of director Martin Scorsese’s many masterpieces, angry bull, as the best sports movie of all time. The Redditor puts it simply, “It’s head and shoulders above the rest. The only sports movie you could argue is one of the greatest movies of all time.” Of all the great boxing fights in movie history, Jake LaMotta vs. Sugar Ray Robinson is by far the most well-crafted.

Between the black-and-white cinematography, the quick close-ups, the character point-of-view shots, and the use of Hershey’s chocolate for blood, so much effort and thought has gone into every little detail. Not even Rocky can compare when it comes to the pacing of the 1980s film or its appearance.

The Longest Yard (2005)

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1974 The longest yard is one of the very first major American football films, and it has one of the most unique concepts, as it is a game between inmates and their guards. However, it is not the sports film that Garlic Roasted Potato thinks it’s the best but, instead, points to the 2005 remake.

The Redditor ruffles some feathers, noting: “Controversial opinion: that of Adam Sandler The longest yard.” While the original already had comedy elements, the remake was a vessel for Sandler and Chris Rock to do their thing. And while the film was generally hated by critics, as it has a terrible 31% rotten tomatoes, it resonated with the general public. The remake may not be the best-crafted sports movie of all time, but it’s still thrilling, fun, and criminally overlooked.

Cool Races (1993)

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Druchii5 think 1993 Cool races is the best sports movie of all time, commenting “Cool races was my childhood, and such a feel-good movie.” As Rocky is known for flipping sports movie tropes on their heads, most notably with how the protagonist loses at the end, Cool races doesn’t get enough credit to do the same.

It was a bold move for Disney to adapt the real-life story of the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team for a family sports movie, but it also serves as a great lesson. The team defied all expectations and made it to the Winter Olympics, and it’s such a heartwarming story, not to mention hilarious too.

Happy Gilmore (1996)

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Surprisingly, The longest yard isn’t the only Adam Sandler-directed sports movie that Redditors mention when discussing the best sports release of all time. Editor Keep on rolling baby think that Happy Gilmore is Sandler’s best, perhaps even most watchable film. The film follows the titular character who becomes the greatest golfer after applying his ice hockey skills to the sport. As is the case with most Sandler films, the premise is absolutely ridiculous, but still fun.

The Redditor specifically references one of the supporting characters that makes him so great, explaining, “Shooter McGavin is the greatest sports movie villain of all time.” Shooter is one of the funniest Happy Gilmore characters, because he’s the ultimate country club snob, and there’s no other movie character quite like him.

A League of Their Own (1992)

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MrPurpleHaze calls A league apart best sports movie of all time. The 1992 film is based on the true story of an all-female baseball team, and the powerhouse film has a surprisingly star-studded cast that includes Geena Davis and Madonna. The Redditor postulates, “There are so many timeless sports movies out there but the casting and dialogue in this movie is spot on.”

While some characters like Dottie and Kit are more salient, the film spotlights other characters with their magnetism, comedic timing, and touching story. And the Redditor is right about the memorable dialogue, where “There’s no crying in baseball” is one of the best quotes from A league apart. The 1992 film proves that original female-led films can succeed and become classics, highlighting the growing interest in women’s sports alongside the hilarious and charming dynamic between actors, such as Tom Hanks and Davis.

Space Jam (1996)

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space jams legacy may have been slightly tarnished by the aftermath of last year, Space Jam: A New Legacywhich stands at 26% on rotten tomatoesbut Liquid_at always have a place in their hearts for it. The Redditor is clearly a person of simple pleasures, as they explain, “I mean, there’s Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. I can’t beat that.”

But the user is right, because the two are ironically one of the best movie duos of the 1990s. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? came out years earlier, mixing live action with animation was something few 90s kids had seen at the time. And to this day, those same 90s kids will defend the movie with their lives.

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