Struggling Jamaican food truck owner in Texas finds inspiration and ally in pizza restaurant owner

Juline Mathe, who was born and raised in Jamaica, took a risk, quit her career as a flight attendant, and opened her new food truck business in Dallas, Texas, amid the COVID pandemic -19. She was motivated to start her own business because it had always been her dream – she comes from a family of Jamaican chefs – and because she wanted to protect her daughter, who has a health problem that puts her in a category of. high risk insurance.

In an interview with FOX 4 in November 2020, Mathe said that for about a month Renee’s Jerk Chicken had done really well, but the business “just died,” Mathe said. Diners loved her food, but she started having trouble finding a place to park her food truck, and her chicken is cooked on the spot, not something that could be reused. “I was losing so much money,” she noted, that she didn’t know how the business could survive.

Then help came in the form of Ram Mehta, the owner of In-Fretta Pizza and Wings, who had a craving for Jamaican food. He saw the FOX 4 interview and called Mathe to ask about his hours of operation and to tell him that he wanted to buy some food. He said she was very depressed and told her that she had “no room or anything”. Mehta then texted her and told her she could park her food truck in front of her restaurant. Mathe was taken aback by the offer, wondering why another restaurateur would want to have a mobile restaurant in front of their business and thinking there must be a cost involved. Mehta told him there was no cost; he just wanted her to succeed.

Mehta made his offer because he was once homeless and knows what it’s like to face hardships. After becoming a successful business owner, Mehta founded Everyone Eatz, a movement that organizes free food distributions. He started Everyone Eatz because of a promise to his late mother and a promise to always give back to his community. Mathe calls him his “fairy godfather”.

Renee Jerk Chicken - Jamaican Food Truck Owner in Texas

Mathe and Mehta are now committed to working together. Renee’s Jerk Chicken sells out regularly and Everyone Eatz is getting bigger every day. On a recent Saturday, the initiative marked the distribution of more than half a million meals.

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