Reggae music is not dead – Ras Kuuku

Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall musician, Ras Kuuku shared his opinion on the current state of Reggae music in Ghana. Contrary to popular belief, he asserts that Reggae music is “not dead”.

Ras Kuuku made an appearance on Joy FM’s Showbiz AZ last Saturday, during the discussion, ‘Is reggae music a dying genre of music in Ghana today?’ where he felt that reggae is distinct from other types of music. “Reggae is not a TikTok song that would come and explode all over the place for two to three weeks and go,” he told host George Quaye.

The ‘Wo’ hitmaker, while rebutting the idea that reggae music is dying in Ghana, wondered, “Reggae comes and stays forever,…for people to say there is there is no reggae song or reggae artist or that reggae is dying in Ghana… if you say that then I don’t know, whoever says that is a hypocrite”.

Ahuma “Daddy Bosco” Ocansey, Director of Communications and Projects at the Union of Musicians of Ghana (MUSIGA), weighed in on the matter, backing up Ras Kuuku’s point that reggae music is not dying. . “She’s kind of metamorphosed in various spheres of the industry… look at my daughter Adina, she’s not a reggae artist but she did a classic song and it will continue like that until your kingdom come “, he revealed. He also questioned: “Rihanna is not a reggae artist but you remember [her song] A man of the sea?”.

Ras Kuuku, however, acknowledged the efforts reggae artists have made to promote their music, admitting that the genre needs extra work to stand out from the trends. “Ghanaians like to dance more, so a reggae song should drop today, and a dancehall [song] drops today, definitely they would all go to dancehall,” he explained.

He took the opportunity to reiterate that it was necessary to separate the Reggae and Dancehall genres. “We always said they had to separate this dancehall reggae thing, you had to have the reggae song of the year and the dancehall song of the year,” he said.

Ras Kuuku thinks it will contribute to the recognition of true reggae artists.

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