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The Jamaican Commission for Cultural Development (JCDC) promises that this year’s World Reggae Dance Championship finals will be the most exciting yet, and if the semi-final showdown was anything to go by then the 2015 competition. will be an event Jamaicans won’t want to miss.

Held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Center on Saturday, the remaining groups of the competition showed off their class by delighting patrons with one punchy routine after another. By the end of the night, even though there were clear favorites, it was hard to say who would walk away with the league title on August 5.

The José Mart dance troupe kicked off the evening’s entertainment. Representing Saint Catherine, their routine struck the right balance between old school and new era movements. They did well to build momentum inside the room before making way for the Extreme Pushers. St Ann’s dancers made the audience cheer as they amplified things with some acrobatic moves before handing over to Mad Vibes, who is also from the parish. Dominant Nation was the next act on stage and were the first group to incorporate the use of props into their routine. Their dramatic routine, aided by the use of chairs, captivated audiences and earned them a standing ovation from Judge Queen Latesha.

Problem Squad, Di Colony, High Voltage, Spimaz Unit, Dynamic Steam, Dustville Dancers and Equinoxx are the other bands that put in some memorable performances.

Bringing a well-deserved break to the audience, all-girl group Jack Hammer oozed sex appeal and mesmerized the crowd with their grueling and grueling moves. The other all-female group that also did well was Dancers of Jamaica (DOJ). Although their routine started out a bit shaky, they ended strong as one of their dancers pulled off in an acrobatic movement, running from the stage to the crowd with a burst of energy, much to the judges’ delight. as well as guests.

However, the outstanding performance came from Outshine Girls. The group has lived up to its name as it has definitely eclipsed its competition. Their energetic performance got the audience and judges to their feet, asking for more. Whispers from the crowd suggested they were the ones to watch for the final.

More intensity

And just when you thought the competition couldn’t be better, she did. The fast-paced, untouchable dancers took the energy inside the Ranny Williams Center to a whole new level before giving way to the night’s closing acts, Flava Expressions.

Although the performances went well, one of the judges gave the competitors some advice. Global Bob, who is also a dancer, asked the bands not to change the tempo of the music they use in their routine, as it changes the genre from dancehall / reggae to hip-hop.

“Please don’t disturb the tempo of the songs,” he said. “You can’t have reggae and rocksteady in the same tempo. We have a lot of international dancers looking at us as teachers and we can’t afford to teach them the wrong things.” His instructions were well received by the organizers, who urged the contestants to put everything in place for the last night of competition on August 5.

The competition began months ago with the elimination of dancers in several auditions across the island. Judges Latonya Style, Queen Latesha and Global Bob will have their work cut out for the final night, as the contest concludes Wednesday, August 5 at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Center at 8 p.m. ET. The annual competition, held since 2006, has been a great success, attracting a host of local and international talent.

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