“PREHZYDENT” EP by Jamaican reggae artist Young Dubai on Apple Music

Young Dubai – PREHZYDENT

MVB Records Dancehall Reggae young artist Dubai


An American label (MVB Records) signed the young Jamaican MC at the end of 2021. He is now about to release his first EP entitled “PREHZYDENT”.

“PREHZYDENT” will show the world of Dancehall Reggae that Young Dubai is not only a gifted writer and lyricist, but that his cadence and flow are wide ranging.

-Michelle Robinson

KINGSTON, ST. CATHERINE, JAMAICA, May 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s every young Jamaican MC’s dream; get signed to an American record company. In November 2021, Austin “Young Dubai” Dakins was doing what he regularly does, posting videos of himself reciting the lyrics to his unrecorded music. Luckily, Kirk, intern at MVB Records; a New York independent record label, was touched by the song Young Dubai posted on Instagram. This song later became the artist’s first recorded track with MVB Records, and it is called “Things Gon’ Change”.

Fast forward seven months later, Young Dubai is set to release their debut EP “PREHZYDENT, and their lives are literally changing before their eyes. “PREHZYDENT” is a five track EP. Three of the five songs on “PREHZYDENT” are songs about Young Dubai’s prowess with young girls; Gyalist, She likes it and Prehzydent. The other two songs from the EP; Soldier (REMIX) with newly signed MVB Records hip-hop artist AR and Timmy Turner (Murder), present a more aggressive yet cool side of Young Dubai.

“PREHZYDENT” will show the Dancehall Reggae world that Young Dubai is not only a gifted writer and lyricist, but his cadence and flow are very diverse. The two tracks that stand out for us are “Prehzydent” and “Soldier (REMIX) Ft. AR”. Listeners can preview “PREHZYDENT” early on Apple Music, but its official release date for all stores is June 6, 2022.

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Young Dubai – PREHZYDENT

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