Peckham business owner devastated by Nigerian and Jamaican food truck stolen after being booked for summer festivals

A Peckham family business has been devastated after its food truck was stolen. The owners of Soulddeliciouz, a mobile catering business serving Nigerian and Jamaican dishes, woke up this morning (June 14) to find their food truck missing.

Joyce Iyinolakan, 43, told MyLondon: “We are at a loss for words. We called the police straight away. It was our livelihood that was stolen. Next week we have a major event “Summer is our busiest time and we’ve already paid for a lot of events, including music festivals. We’re really at a loss for words.”

The lorry was parked on Frensham Street on Friday and had a coupling lock to deter thieves. While exercising in the park this morning, a neighbor asked Joyce and her husband, Tunde, where the truck was as she had not seen it recently. “We thought she must have been confused at first, but then we drove to where she was parked and it was just an immediate sense of shock,” Joyce said.

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The truck is branded Souldeliciouz

Neighbors told them they saw the truck parked there on Friday, so they think it was probably stolen between Saturday and Sunday morning. “I don’t know who would do that, it’s not exactly an easy target. I think it had to be something planned rather than someone opportunistic,” Joyce said.

The white truck was branded Souldeliciouz and can be recognized by the right rear leg which is wobbly.

“Please if you have any information on his whereabouts, if you have seen him anywhere, if you have offered to buy him. Please contact us with the information so we can pass it on to the Metropolitan Police “, she said.

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