Motor liability insurance

The motor liability policy covers our liability towards third parties arising from the use of a motor vehicle at home and abroad.

Since the policy is compulsory insurance, every owner and / or user of the vehicle is familiar with the basic items of the policy itself. Is that enough?

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What a car liability policy contains and what it looks like


The shelf is printed in triplicate. Today we are increasingly encountering shelves that are inscribed on the insurer’s memorandum, and increasingly less with perforated numbered shelves. The buyer (Good Finance) leaves one copy for himself, which he then passes on to the insurer (the insurance company where you have the insurance contract) and hands over the two copies to you as the owner or user of the vehicle. The second copy of the policy will remain with you as proof of the contractual insurance, while the third will remain in the technical inspection station at the time of registration of the vehicle.

  1. Contracting
  2. insurance company
  3. Technical inspection station

The policy contains information about the contractor, the insured, the vehicle, the insured amount by accident, the beginning of the insurance and the insurance premium.

Prior to the liberalization of the market


Car liability rates required less data to calculate premiums. It was enough to know the percentage of bonus gained, the license plate and the power in kilowatts (if we know the horsepower and want to find out the kilowatts horsepower divide by 1.36)

Liberalization has brought about price list upgrades that now, with the information above, need details about the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle. Depending on the insurer is important

  • vehicle owner’s age of access
  • year of vehicle production
  • how long the owner of the vehicle has a driver’s license
  • how many miles does the vehicle travel in a year
  • if the vehicle is operated most of the time by the vehicle owner

All of the items listed affect the premium either with surcharges or discounts.

When all the prerequisites for calculating the premium are met, we calculate the bonus earned and receive a “bare policy” of 15% tax.

As stated at the outset, such a policy only protects third parties in the event of an adverse event. The damage caused to the vehicle of another participant of the adverse event (or more) will be covered through the motor vehicle liability policy of the culprit. This is why when we buy compulsory auto insurance we only value and not the quality. If we were to protect our property with this policy, at least partially, it would be important to us how the insurance company stands, which guarantees that the policy covers damage coverage, the amount of coverage on the policy, the speed of payment of damage, etc.

This is how we often hear from clients

This is how we often hear from clients

“I only care about the cheapest”; in other words, I do not care how the other accident participants will be charged under this policy, forgetting that the other road users are their fellow citizens, neighbors, colleagues, friends and family.

We protect others because we are obliged by law but we do not protect ourselves because no one conditions us.

The most widespread addition to the motor liability policy is the insurance against the consequences of a road accident for the driver and passengers. The number of registered passengers is determined by how much a passenger has a vehicle.

Aware of the fact that additional services increase our premium, we are able to reject the offer without considering our own needs.

What services can we add to the car liability policy?

What services can we add to the car liability policy?

Since the services are partially different from insurer to insurer, I will look at those that are represented by most, such as:

  • bonus protection
  • towing vehicles
  • legal protection
  • glass breakage
  • an animal bump
  • total damage
  • replacement vehicle

It is important to note that even when insurers offer an identical service, it may differ in coverage. Take bonus protection for example. The service is recognized by customers because it allows us to protect our bonus in the event of an adverse event occurring at an acceptable premium.

Most insurers offer this service but – beware! Some houses fully cover the first damage, while others have a limit for a damaging event of up to HRK 5,000.00.