Meet the sisters serving the ‘best Jamaican food in London’ for almost 30 years

Elephant and Castle is clearly changing dramatically.

Its shopping center (now demolished) was the life and soul of the neighborhood, bringing together communities from different walks of life under one roof.

What once served communities for more than half a century quickly turned into a heap of rubble.

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But two chefs whose cuisine has stood the test of time and remains one of Elephant and Castle’s finest restaurants are Laroma and Marcia Watson’s, and their Caribbean restaurant.

Together, the sisters have been serving authentic Jamaican cuisine at their shared restaurant, Original Caribbean Spice, since the mid-90s.

Sisters Laroma and Marcia Watson have been cooking delicious food for almost 30 years

Hungry foodies can dine on-site or order take-out, anyway the sisters freshly cook their meals from inside their unit in Castle Square – a new temporary shopping and dining space in Elephant and Castle.

Original Caribbean Spice is the place to grab a quick bite to eat, or if you’re really hungry, order a Chicken Curry or a Curry Goat and Oxtail – the portions are too generous and will last you for days.

When MyLondon visited the restaurant, Laroma advised him to try the callaloo and salted fish with rice and peas – and it didn’t disappoint.

Callaloo is a type of leafy green vegetable popular in the Caribbean and is typically cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, thyme, and Scotch bonnet pepper. It was a winning part of the meal and had the perfect amount of spice and saltiness.

The sisters’ success is indeed due to their generous portions, but also to their welcoming and friendly attitude when welcoming new customers for the first time.

Ruby had callaloo and salted fish with rice and peas

Laroma agrees: ” It’s very good, we have good recommendations because everyone appreciates the portions, they are large portions.

“People know they can get good portions here. “

Laroma and Marcia’s story begins when they left Jamaica for south London as adults.

While they’ve always loved cooking, they didn’t make it a full-time job until 1994, when Original Caribbean Spice was born.

The siblings had a market stool across from Elephant and Castle, where they began to build a loyal following who would return for more of the sister’s cooking.

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One customer wrote online: “The best outstanding Jamaican food in London. “

“Wonderful food and service again, I have been ordering food for almost 15 years,” wrote another.

Laroma, who lives in Brixton and Marcia, who lives near Southwark Park, has taken her kitchen across the river on several occasions for the Notting Hill Carnival.

They say they’ve always enjoyed working together and never seem to get on each other.

The sisters also bake traditional Jamaican treats such as peanut drops, coconut drops, stone cake, and sweet bread.
The sisters also bake traditional Jamaican treats such as peanut drops, coconut drops, stone cake, and sweet bread.

As well as serving up superb curries, savory patties and dumplings, the duo also make amazing sweet treats such as Jamaican Stone Cake or Jamaican Peanut Coconut Drops to satisfy your cravings.

And if you’re looking for something more, then the Sisters’ Must Stand Up Punch is a must-try, and costs just £ 4.50 a cup.

All sides cost less than £ 2 and large meals cost no more than £ 8.50. There is also a special lunch deal of £ 4.50.

Original Caribbean Spice is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. except Sunday.

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