Jerk Fete in South Florida to showcase Jamaican food, music and culture


After canceling the 2021 staging of the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers have changed plans and developed an alternative event to connect with supporters while celebrating food, music and Jamaican culture in a smaller controlled atmosphere.

Jerk Fete – an exquisite experience of food, music and wow, will be staged on Sunday, November 14, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., at Vizcaya Park in Miramar to the delight of many festival fans who yearned to taste the Jerk Festival atmosphere. Jerk Fete is an innovative concept that fills a void in the Caribbean entertainment landscape, attracting an audience of selective influencers and professionals in their entertainment endeavors.

The Jerk Fete experience will offer a range of Jerk delicacies to awaken all taste buds, a varied selection of music to satisfy all souls, personalized cocktails and drink concoctions, a setting decorated by designers, luxury cabins for the elite consumer and tables reserved for personalized service.

“Jerk Fete is an amazing party, where customers have the chance to socialize with friends, enjoy a menu of selected Jerk cuisine and dance to a variety of music presented by legendary DJs at the top of their game,” said Eddy Edwards, CEO of Jamaican Jerk Festival USA, Inc. “We want customers to come and have an unforgettable experience, from the minute they walk into the venue until the moment they leave, saying ‘wow! ” with a big smile.

Steelie Bashment, will be one of the featured artists in Jerk Fete’s premiere staging at Vizcaya Park in Miramar on November 13.

The DJ selection for the first Jerk Fete is busy, with Steelie Bashment from New York, Colin Hines and Richie D from Jamaica, as well as DJ Radcliffe from South Florida. One of the hallmarks of Jerk Fete will be the Dutch Pot Clash DJs, where two DJs will don aprons and compete to whip up a dish in record time to impress the judges. This is a culinary competition like no other and the candidates will be announced shortly. Another feature is a secret surprise entertainment feature that will increase the customer experience beyond imagination.

Tickets are available online at and a limited initial offer at the lowest price available while supplies last. Reservations for cabins and tables can be made by calling 754-273-9166.

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