Jamaican hottie Sumerr launches new wave in reggae music


Sumer adds its own twist to what it means to have a hot girl in the summer!

If you don’t know how hot that heat is, you better “crush” some ice cream and quench your thirst because the temperature is so hot!

With the rise of female reggae artists, this Jamaican hottie has created her own path with bold, beautiful and militant songs that catch your ear the moment you hear her voice. Sumerr has a memorizing presence that you cannot ignore. It is evident that the music of the 26-year-old Mandeville-based singer-songwriter is heavily influenced by neo-soul and R&B while mixing the rhythms of reggae and dancehall without losing sight of its sonic roots.

Want to know what the buzz is all about? Read on!

Sumerr function
Having the heart of a lion, Sumerr displayed a gritty voice for his new track “Head Up”. Firm and militant, the lioness called on her army to march and keep marching although the 1% insisted on establishing ground to make it difficult to beat the odds. With the perfect symphony, Raging Fyah’s Kumar added a grungy tone that blended in perfectly with Sumerr’s voice. Influenced by hip-hop, Sumerr didn’t hold back changing the flow in the middle of the song, rapping to show her versatility and smoothly returning to vocals.

Not only can she rap, but she also embarks on a deejay flow; walking easily in the lineage of sing-jay if need be in his new track “Crush”. Showcasing a more alluring side, the Jamaican bombshell showed off skin, styles and fluidity. Lasai, a notable Spanish reggae artist, wasted no time jumping on the track setting a dynamic tone. Again, effortlessly alternating streams between songs, Sumerr shows off her range of vocals that draw you in and keep you captured.


Seducing the youngest, Sumerr knows how to adapt to middle-aged people with his single “Old School”. Taking you on a journey, the trail demonstrates old-school love while remaining contemporary.

Releasing his new debut album, Downs QuarterSumerr’s sonic goodness will hit the airwaves and your speakers in late spring. Comprised of 12 tracks, many reggae, soul and R&B enthusiasts will discover Sumerr’s journey, from his love for a Spanish boy to his appreciation of sweet reggae music.

The Jamaican bombshell has launched a new wave in reggae music and her career is definitely shaping up to be a brilliant one.

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