How to watch the Daniel Craig James Bond movies in order

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Unfortunately, Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond is over. Hailed by many as the best Bond, Craig’s films are some pretty great action cinema, with his time as the character spanning 16 years.

The entire James Bond franchise is back to stream on Stan from this month (he disappeared for a little while). However, the last installment, No time to die, will also arrive on the Stan platform in 2023.

But without a chronological naming convention, how do you watch all the Craigs Bind movies in order? (If you want a ranking of all the Bond movies based on something less scientific, we’ve got you covered, too.)

Casino Royale (2006)

Based on the original James Bond novel by British author Ian Flemming, Casino Royale was the first Bond film starring Daniel Craig and the first in order. Stick to the source material pretty closely, Casino Royale is suave and more collected than many of the previous Bond films, which favor explosive action over tense scenes.

In this film, 007 is a new MI6 agent and is sent to Madagascar to bring down a criminal who finances terrorist organizations. The film centers on Casino Royale, where the criminal seeks to make money for said organizations – 007 shows up to gamble against him.

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Often considered Daniel Craig Bond’s worst film, Quantum of Comfort is the second film in chronological order. More of a personal tale of revenge, this film sees Bond go after those who blackmailed his former lover, uncovering an organization with eyes everywhere that MI6 didn’t know about.

If you’re going to skip any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies, this is the one to avoid. It’s not bad, but it lacks the quality of other films.

Skyfall (2012)

My favorite Bond movie and just a great movie, celestial fall starts with Leap off the grid. After a mission goes completely wrong, spies around the world have their covers blown – this forces MI6, the agency Bond is employed for, to relocate after being attacked.

This film is tense from start to finish, bringing back a dark story for the agency and a story of survival for its boss, M, played by Judi Dench. It’s really awesome. Don’t miss this movie.

Specter (2015)

The fourth film in the Craig James Bond quintet (a five-movie series), Bond is tasked with uncovering the sinister organization SPECTRE, after receiving a cryptic message from former MI6 spymaster Mr. celestial fall leads straight into Spectrum.

Bond is sent on an investigation to Rome and Mexico City to bring down SPECTRE, action and lawsuits abound. While Spectrumto like Quantum of Comfortis not one of the best Daniel Craig Bind movies, it’s worth watching if you want the whole story.

No Time to Die (2021)

The latest film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, no time to die sends Craig off with a bang. Living in Jamaica after leaving MI6, Bond is thrown back into action when a former CIA colleague shows up and asks for help.

It’s a great movie and it might be Daniel Craig Bond’s best movie. Unfortunately, given that it came out last year, no time to die isn’t available to stream right now, but it will be coming to Stan next year.

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