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If anyone had asked Freddie McGregor four years ago if there was hope for reggae music, his answer would have been uncertain. But today, the veteran singer is delighted that there is a great resurgence of interest in reggae music and is convinced that the future of the genre is in good hands.

“We went through a phase that was not that pleasant,” the singer explained, “but luckily we don’t denigrate people through music anymore, and it’s back to a sense of stability.”

According to I will stay with you singer, the fact that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has added reggae to its list of cultural institutions worthy of protection and preservation should not be taken lightly. “It resonated around the world and had a positive impact on how the genre is viewed globally,” McGregor said. The gleaner.

He noted that the majors, which were in abundance in the early 1990s when many artists signed lucrative record deals, had all pulled out and taken a “look and see” approach. However, the dean of reggae statesmen is now experiencing a turnaround.

“There is a renewed interest in reggae music. Look at the market. The majors are coming back to space, but we have to be smart and not lose the thread again, ”he said, hinting that a major label is about to launch in Jamaica soon.


“We have to work hard and seize the opportunities that arise. There is hope, but we must not go back to where we came from. We have to stick to greatness, ”advised the reggae ambassador.

McGregor, who has toured extensively, said reggae is alive and well internationally, and noted that he frequently sees other reggae artists on the road as they go about their business to take music all over the world.

“Recently Cocoa Tea and I had a fight at the Austin Reggae Festival and we have a reasoning about the quality of the music, especially outside of Jamaica. We see each other, and other artists, a lot on the road, and it is clear that the music is moving. We are all playing our part in doing what we need to do, ”he said.


McGregor also praised the younger generation of artists, called by many the “reggae revivalists,” who keep the flame burning. In fact, he was so excited about the success of rising reggae singer Koffee, it was like she was one of his own children.

“Of course, we have to give young people the accessories they deserve to maintain high standards. Chronixx, Protoje, Iba Mahr and the others are doing a fantastic job. Look at Koffee. I am really proud of Koffee and what she does. It shows what can happen when we take the time to build each other up. Coco Tea brought her on stage, and the rest is history, ”he said, alluding to the fact that after being on the music circuit for less than a year, the teenage sensation has was taken over by Columbia Records UK, which recently released its debut. PE, Rapture.

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