Find hearty Jamaican food at the House of Dutch Pot in Las Vegas

In September 2021, while Las Vegas was still recovering from the effects of COVID, our Jamaican cuisine options increased when House of Dutch Pot arrived in an ever-changing mall on Durango Drive. As the name suggests, its dishes generally center around the use of the Dutch oven, a traditional cooking vessel used to prepare a variety of stews. With that in mind, prepare for a hearty meal.

Visiting House of Dutch Pot is like taking a class in this dynamic cuisine. Unless you’re a Caribbean native, you’ll likely find unfamiliar dishes and ingredients such as bammy, breadfruit, and ground groceries, but the incredibly friendly staff are more than willing to offer advice. While perusing the menu, order a Ginger Pineapple Juice ($8) to pass the time, with a fruity sweetness soothing the ginger bite. Then start your meal with cod fritters ($13), the crispy golden fried dumplings not being dodgy at all.

Stewed meats include chicken curry ($16) and oxtails ($22.50), each served with a pair of starches. The goat curry ($18.50) is particularly successful, gamey, salty and spicy in every bite. Don’t overlook the festival – insanely delicious and lightly sweet deep-fried dough sticks – and top things off with sweet plantains.

House of Dutch Pot also offers an impressive selection of vegan options. A hearty ital stew ($18), a coconut milk-based dish filled with potatoes, peas and root vegetables, won’t leave you craving meat, while the spicy jerk tofu ($20) is a good option for those looking for the island. characteristic seasoning on something other than chicken.

DUTCH POT HOUSE 4255 S. Durango Drive #110, 702-485-3500, Daily, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

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