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zaemus is a Danish loan provider, which offers loans from NOK 3,000 and up to NOK 15,000. zaemus is also a brand under Finans 247 ApS. This company is both registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and is a member of the Danish Credit Council, which ensures that you get the safest possible loan agreement. Although zaemus is a recent loan provider in the Danish market, the company has experienced and routine forces, but also energetic and talented young people who create an ideal team behind the loan provider.

zaemus focuses on borrowing responsibly and securely for their customers. This is also the reason why zaemus makes individual credit ratings of all applicants before a loan is paid. On zaemus’s website you have the opportunity to borrow money easily and quickly through the provider’s easy loan application. You will also receive the money from zaemus on your bank account within just a few days. Below you will find an overview of zaemus’s various offers regarding loans and the many benefits of the loans. In addition, the loan provider’s different loan terms and the application process are presented so that you can manage the things to be prepared before you can borrow a loan at zaemus.

Loans up to NOK 15,000 at zaemus

If you are dreaming to go on a holiday south or if you plan to buy new furniture for the living room, this can easily be done thanks to a loan at zaemus. As mentioned above, zaemus offers loans of up to 15,000 kroner, so that a wide range of cases can be afforded. You decide completely what the money will be when you borrow from the loan provider. This makes it possible to borrow money to pay the annoying dentist’s bill or to the unexpected cost of car repairs. If your washing machine suddenly breaks, a microwell at zaemus is also an efficient and fast solution, so you do not have to wait for clean clothes for a long time.

Loan example: Total credit amount: kr.10,000. Fixed Debtor Rate: 150%. OPP: 319.7%. Monthly minimum payment: 1,250 kr. Total credit: 15,495 kr. Total repayment amount: 25,495 kr. The price example requires the credit to be fully utilized and redeemed after 12 months. There is no fixed maturity on the credit.

However, if you want to raise a loan at zaemus, please note that the loan provider makes an individual credit rating of you. This may not allow you to receive exactly the amount you apply for. Based on your salary information and annual report from SKAT and together with your monthly expenses and relevant credit score criteria, zaemus gives you a credit amount. However, there may be either smaller or larger amounts than what you have applied for, but you decide how much of the amount to be paid to the account. The individual assessment is also just an advantage for you, as zaemus thus ensures that you can actually pay the required amount back over the relevant term.

zaemus’s microphone

At the moment it is possible to borrow a micro loan, also called a credit loan. This involves smaller loans, typically between $ 100 and $ 8,000, where you as a borrower do not need to provide security (please elaborate later in the article) and you will receive the loan fairly quickly. In contrast to the consumer loan taken from your bank, the loans also relate to a number of smaller amounts and a shorter maturity. This means that you do not have the opportunity to repay the loan over a long period of time, but just over a year.

For example, you have to pay a loan amount back to zaemus within a year. Since you at zaemus also have the opportunity to borrow up to 15,000 kroner, there are good grounds for borrowing this loan from the loan provider as opposed to the bank. In addition, Quinto does not mix what you need to spend the money on. This is considered to be a great advantage, as it may be cross-border to account for its entire private economy. Moreover, since you simply need to apply online, you do not have to agree on a time with your local bank adviser. There is no bank advisor who will ask you for details regarding your finances, as zaemus itself collects the necessary information in connection with the loan provider’s credit ratings. This makes it easy for you to sit back and look into zaemus’s various loan options, which you can do at home on the couch or on the train.

Through the application form at the top of zaemus’s website you also have the opportunity to see price examples of your desired loan. In the form you can adjust the amount depending on how much you want to borrow from zaemus. In addition, you will be able to see information about the following items: Fixed Debtor Rate, OPP (Annual Cost Percent), Performance / Monthly Minimum Payment, Total Credit Cost, and Total Refund Amount. This makes it possible to investigate important fees in connection with the admission of the loan, so you can check all the details and consider whether the loan is a good decision in the big picture. However, keep in mind that the pricing examples shown in zaemus’s application form presuppose that the credit is fully utilized, that the loan is not repayable and that the credit is credited after 12 months.

zaemus’s loan terms

To qualify for a loan at zaemus you must comply with a number of requirements. These include the different requirements:

  • You must be 21 years old
  • You must have a Danish CPR number and population registration address
  • You must have a Danish mobile phone number
  • You must have an active e-mail address
  • You must have a Danish bank account (NEMKonto)
  • You must give access to e-tax and have an annual statement
  • You must meet the requirements of zaemus’s credit rating

In addition to the above-mentioned points, zaemus does not grant loans to persons with RKI remarks. Regarding the point of credit rating, zaemus allocates loans to private individuals on the basis of an individual credit rating. The credit rating is based on your latest salary statement, announcement of public payments and information about your regular monthly expenses and your latest annual report. In addition, as mentioned above, you also provide access to your tax information.

In addition to these information, the loan provider collects information about you from external information agencies such as the Experts RKI registry. zaemus also has the right to obtain further information for the assessment of your credit rating from financial institutions. Based on all this information, zaemus makes an overall assessment. The loan provider reserves the right at the same time to refuse a loan application due to certain information. If this is the case, it is only for your benefit because you do not have enough opportunity to pay the desired loan back. Looking at your money situation in the future, you will always be able to reconsider the loan in order to receive a possible approval of the loan application.

The application process at zaemus

When you want to apply for a loan at zaemus, you need to go through a number of quick steps. Quikto has made it very easy for their customers to apply for a loan, but you will still have to handle a number of things in connection with the application. The first thing you need to do is complete the application. Here you must start by selecting the required amount of credit that you would like to add to your bank account. After you have done this, enter your personal information such as your CPR number and contact information. Also, be sure to check this information through an additional time, as zaemus will have the opportunity to communicate with you about your credit. Once this information is completed, you must then give zaemus access to your tax information via e-tax. It is as before, on the basis of this information, that zaemus decides your credit framework. After Quitting your credit rating, it’s time to approve your credit. You can do this by signing a credit agreement with your NemID.

Quite always, NemID applies in connection with the admission of loans, as the provider hereby ensures that there are no other people who raise a loan in your name. Once you have signed your credit agreement with the NemID card, zaemus sends you the full amount of credit for payment. All providers’ credits are paid at 12 o’clock on weekdays and are also on your account the same day if you make sure to apply by 12 o’clock. If you have the opportunity to apply after 12 o’clock, the money will be paid on the first day of the week. However, please note that the loan provider does not pay credits on weekends and bank holidays. Also note that it takes about 24 hours after the money has been paid out and the money is available in your bank account, depending on your own bank. For security reasons, the loan is also paid to your NemKonto. Please note that the loan can not be paid to another account.

Loans without security

At the moment you can borrow a loan without security. This means that you do not have to put anything for security in the form of, for example, a car in order to borrow money from the provider. At the same time, you do not need to own a property, car or something similar to pay a salary at zaemus. It is also not necessary to tell zaemus what you need to spend the money as opposed to the bank’s requirements. This gives significant freedom regarding any loan that you wish to register at zaemus. This allows you to use the loan on an exciting journey or a new electric bike if you no longer want to bump on the old back hills.

Apply wherever you are

Because the application process on zaemus’s website is so easy and fast, there is ample opportunity to apply elsewhere than just at home. For example, if you are commuter in your everyday lives and are often on a train, you can easily apply for a loan on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The only thing you have to remember to wear if you do not have to apply from the sofa is your NemID. Also, be sure to have enough keys on the card so that a missing key does not prevent you from fulfilling your loan wish.

Payments when it suits you

After you have taken a loan at zaemus, your credit will generally last for 12 months. Therefore, you must ensure that you have repayment of the borrowed amount within this period. However, if you do not like to pay a small amount of money back over an entire year, you will be able to pay off on the credit on a regular basis, for example, if you receive a bonus from work one of the months. All you need to keep in mind in this regard is to pay your monthly interest payment. If you choose to reduce your credit, then the monthly interest payment will be lower next time, which is a positive surprise when the banknote loses its weight at the end of the month.

Payment date and automatic refund

One point worth remembering regarding the payment of the loan at zaemus is that you can not change the payment date of the loan. The date will always be the same date as when you accepted the loan. Therefore, remember that it is best to raise a loan at the beginning of a month, as this is where your bank account has the most green numbers to show.

In connection with the repayment of the credit you also have the option to enter an automatic payment of minimum payments by credit card. This avoids annoying charges if you pay for late one month. This payment will also be charged on the day of the minimum payment and you will be notified about this in a mail from zaemus. The charge from the loan provider will also appear from your profile on zaemus’s website, and you will be able to collect the automatic collection on your personal page. It is also possible to unsubscribe from your payment card. Just make sure to contact zaemus’s customer service by e-mail or phone, if desired.

Partly repayment of the loan

If you wish to make a partial installment of your credit at zaemus, this may also be possible. In this connection, simply transfer the amount in question to the loan provider’s account through your online bank. However, remember to write your CPR number in the text box of the recipient, so zaemus can see that the amount will be used to pay off your loan.

Fees for loans at zaemus

Once you have decided to apply for a loan at zaemus, you must be aware of the costs you will incur in connection with the loan. For example, the loan provider has a monthly interest rate of 12.5%. This means that you have to pay 12.5% ​​of the amount deducted every month. This expense calls zaemus at the same time for the minimum payment. Therefore, it is very important to consider this expense if you want to raise a loan from the provider. If you do not have enough money in your bank account to pay monthly interest, it is not relevant to apply for the loan in question.

Make sure to check your budget and whether it is possible to create air in the budget to pay the 12.5% ​​interest rate. However, Quite makes sure to report your interest to SKAT, which means you will receive a deduction of approximately 1/3 of. Each time you wish to create a new credit at zaemus, you should also note that it will cost 495 kroner when you get your loan approved. This creation fee will also be charged no matter how long you borrow. This also applies to keeping in mind this fee when you look at your budget in connection with the admission of the new loan.