Every Bond Girl In The Daniel Craig Movies (And What Happened To Them)


Warning: major spoilers ahead for No time to die and other Bond films.

The Bond Girls are the most prominent characters in the James Bond series. Many Bond Girls act like love interests or have sex with James Bond, while other Bond Girls have developed professional associations with Bond.

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Daniel Craig’s films elevated the way the Bond Girls are portrayed, where Bond shows more empathy for the women he meets. While some women served as the typical love interest, these films also featured badass Bond Girls with spy skills. Given their professional relationship with Bond, Eve Moneypenny and M are not officially Bond Girls.

12 Solange Dimitrios

Solange Dimitrios in Casino Royale

Solange Dimitrios was the first Bond Girl introduced in the Craig films. She was the wife of Alex Dimitrios, partner of Le Chiffre. Her relationship with Bond is a classic example of Bond seducing women for information, which she did.

Thanks to Solange, Bond sabotaged Le Chiffre’s plan but did little to save Solange from her ultimate death. Le Chiffre had identified her as the cause of their plan’s failure and had tortured and killed her. Her death made her the first sacrificial lamb in the series.

11 Vesper Lynd

Casino Royale Vesper Lynd Eva Green

Vesper Lynd was the main Bond Girl in Casino Royale. As Her Majesty’s Treasury Officer, she was responsible for the money used to bet Bond on poker games in Montenegro. Of course, she was the first woman who managed to steal Bond’s heart.

Despite developing a romantic relationship with Bond, it was short-lived as she betrayed Bond. She eventually drowned herself as she felt guilty for her actions. His death was one of the most tragic among the Bond Girls, as it even established the rest of the script and direction of Craig’s films in which he seeks revenge and research the secret organization that brought him down. trapped in the first place. Additionally, Bond developed trust issues as a result of his experience with Vesper Lynd.


ten Valenka

Valenka at Casino Royale

Valenka was a member of Quantum and a close ally of Le Chiffre. Unlike most of the Bond Girls in the Craig films, she was one of Bond’s enemies and attempted to kill him with poison in Casino Royale. This formally makes her a femme fatale.

Although they attempted to recover the money lost in poker, Valenka and Le Chiffre were killed by Mr. White and members of the organization.

9 strawberry fields

Strawberry Fields was an MI6 agent sent to bring Bond back to London, given how impulsive his behavior has been throughout Quantum of Consolation. Of course, given Bond’s alluring charms, she’s become another Bond Girl who sleeps with him.

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Sadly, like the fate of many Bond Girls, M and Bond found Fields dead in a hotel room, covered in oil. His death marks another example of a sacrificial lamb. It is also one of the few times that Bond feels responsible for the death of a Bond Girls, has asked her to receive an honor posthumously, and has sought justice when he finally caught Dominic Greene.

8 Camille Montes

Camille in Quantum of Solace

Camille Montes was the first Bond Girl introduced in Quantum of Consolation. She was a Bolivian secret service agent and sought revenge on General Medrano, who murdered her family. She planned her mission by sleeping with Greene, a member of Quantum, and the reasons why she crosses paths with Bond.

Unlike most Bond Girls, she rarely had sex with Bond other than a goodbye kiss, but they became allies who shared the same desire for revenge. Much of her story seemed to be synonymous with Bond, so it’s no surprise that she’s one of the few badass Bond Girls who could face the 007 nicknames. She survived the end of the movie, having taken her revenge. , and it is assumed that she is still alive in the universe.

7 Bond’s lover at Skyfall

Bond's lover with Bond in Skyfall

In Fall from the sky, Bond developed a sexual relationship with an anonymous woman, credited as Bond’s lover. Bond kept a low profile when he was presumed dead, but eventually returned to service.

Little is known about Bond’s Lover, given that Bond eventually leaves her and she never appears again. However, since she meets the standards of a Bond Girl, it is assumed that the Bond Lover is still alive.

6 Severine

Severine was another Bond Girl who featured the femme fatale archetype in Fall from the sky. She had a dark past as a victim of the sex trade and represented Silva after she was rescued. Knowing how dangerous Silva was, Severine trusted Bond as her only way to escape and agreed to lead him to Silva.

Like many classic Bond Girls, Severine has also developed a sexual encounter with Bond, but that doesn’t turn out to be serious. Unfortunately, Silva shot her in the head and killed her instantly after challenging Bond to shoot her in the head. Considering her character arc, Severine was one of the most classic portrayals of a Bond Girl and was the last sacrificial lamb in the Craig films.

5 Estrella

Estrella in Specter

Estrella was another underage Bond Girl who appeared in Spectrum. She was an agent of the Mexican secret service.

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She appeared as Bond’s companion on Day of the Dead, and she also fell in love with Bond. However, Bond cut off his affair with Estrella to assassinate Marco Sciarra. It was the last time viewers saw her, but she may still be alive after the events of the film.

4 Lucie Sciarra

Lucia Sciarra in Specter

Lucia Sciarra was the widow of Marco Sciarra. She lost security after her husband’s death and became Specter’s target. Like any Bond Girl, Bond seduced her after saving her from two guards and asking her for information about Specter and the upcoming reunion at Palazzo Cardenza.

Despite being a “dead woman,” Bond helped Lucia get to safety with the help of Felix Leiter, who does not appear in Spectrum. It was a rare occasion that Bond looked after and protected a Bond Girl. In addition, it is assumed that Lucia is still alive.

3 Nomi

Nomi is a rare Bond Girl who developed a brief rivalry with Bond and was introduced in No time to die. In Jamaica, Nomi informed Bond about Valdo Obruchev and the Hercules project. She also warned him not to intervene since she was the new 007 after Bond retired. Unlike Bond, Nomi is an agent who follows instructions. She has high espionage skills like Bond and is a self-proclaimed high performer.

Unlike most Bond Girls, Nomi never had sex with Bond and their relationship was strictly professional. She is one of the few Bond Girls to have assisted Bond on his missions. Despite a poor acquaintance, Nomi became Bond’s ally, returning him the code name 007, and helping him save Madeleine and her daughter. She is alive, but it is not known if she was reinstated as 007. Nonetheless, she was one of the best characters in No time to die.

2 Paloma

No time to die Ana de Armas Paloma

Paloma is a Cuban agent employed by the CIA. She had about three weeks of training (more or less) before Felix called her to help Bond find Obruchev. She helps Bond successfully recover Obruchev and is still alive.

Paloma was an unusual and refreshing take on a Bond Girl. She was a witty and knowledgeable agent who was a tremendous help to Bond. She single-handedly fought the Specter Guards and formed a friendly but professional relationship with Bond. Her introduction reinvigorates the notion of Bond Girl, so it’s no surprise that members of the public loved her and found her as one of the toughest characters in ever. No time to die.

1 Madeleine Swann

Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann in Specter

Madeleine Swann is a psychologist and the daughter of Mr. White. Introduced in Spectrum, Madeleine became the first Bond Girl to appear in more than one consecutive film. She is the second Bond Girl to steal Bond’s heart and forms a romantic relationship with Bond.

She displays characteristics typical of a Bond Girl, such as Bond’s love interest and a damsel in distress in Spectrum. Despite their break in No time to die after Bond speculates that Madeleine had betrayed him, she has a daughter with Bond and eventually reunites with him five years later. Swann and his daughter survive the end of the film, but Bond dies to protect them from the poison Safin inflicted on him, which would kill them if he came near.

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