Energetic performances expected at World Reggae Dance Finals tonight | Entertainment


Juliett Cowan-Morgan, World Reggae Dance Championship coordinator at the Jamaica Commission for Cultural Development (JCDC), said tonight’s competition finals will be nothing short of explosive.

The competition, which kicks off at 7 p.m. at the National Arena, will see 12 Jamaican crews and a Belgian team win over $ 1 million in cash and prizes and the coveted title of reggae dance world champion.

The finalists are the Belgian group Be Your Authentic Self, Dynamix Team, Show Jammers, Keen Steppaz, Afro Jam Tribe, Crazy Shellingz, High Voltage, K Street, Purpose Generation, Anchovy Dancers, Street Team, New Era Team and Flava X Empire.

Talk with THE STAR OF THE WEEKEND, Cowan-Morgan said the competition has grown tremendously over the years.

She says she is particularly pleased with the level of professionalism displayed by the candidates, as they have worked hard in several rigorous workshops over the past few weeks.

“I’m very happy with the growth of the competitors over the years and this year’s batch in particular is going to give a very energetic performance. They’ve worked extremely hard, especially the Jamaican crews because they don’t want the title. to leave the country. Of course, they welcome the competition of foreign dancers, but they want the victory to come from the island, so they got down to work, “she said.

But she said the Belgian group has also worked hard and that makes for a very exciting showcase.

“This is an international dance competition that we have seen grow over the years. We want everyone to come and enjoy the show because from what I have seen it will be very entertaining. The bands look good and they’re good to go, ”she said.

Dancehall artists Tommy Lee Sparta and Chi Ching Ching are also set to give special performances tonight.

The show will also see a brief aural clash as organizers hope the event will feel as authentically dancehall as possible.

“This is our celebration of Independence and we want to showcase the best parts of our culture. What better way to do that than to include sound shock in the middle of the show?” said Cowan-Morgan. “It’s a ‘on the street’ thing that we’ll have in the arena. When you go dancing, you have different aspects of our culture on display at the same time. We want to recreate that during the show. It will be an entertaining break in. the competition, and I’m sure people will enjoy it. “

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