Earl Gateshead shares his passion for reggae music through innovative pod mixing on “The Huge Reggae Show”

Reggae DJ Earl Gateshead has launched a new monthly podmix “The Huge Reggae Show” on SoundCloud. The series is published monthly, with the twelfth episode launching on Monday, September 12, 2022. The podcast, which Gateshead calls a “Podmix”, was created with the idea of ​​spreading knowledge of Reggae as a means of giving people the access to the music and explain the details of the music in an entertaining and non-judgmental way.

Already an established name in the UK reggae music scene, Earl Gateshead’s career began in the late 70s when he built his own sound system, one of the first built by a European. He set it up at the famous Dive Bar, in Soho, London, where he had a weekly residency for 23 years. At the same time, Earl was the co-founder and selector of Trojan Sound System, The Sound System of Trojan Records, the world’s first and best-loved reggae label, and the one with which he toured for 14 years. Additionally, mysterious graffiti artist Banksy asked Earl to DJ the first three exhibitions of his work. To date, Earl is the only DJ Banksy has ever worked with.

After his residency at Dive Bar, Earl began organizing and performing at a series of events called “Reggae Nights” at London’s flagship club “Plastic People”. This concert series received worldwide attention with legendary performances from Alton Ellis, Dennis Alcapone, Sugar Minott to name a few. The success of his “Reggae Nights” series boosted Earl’s career, making him one of the go-to Reggae DJs in the world. Subsequently, he was invited to lecture on Reggae DJing at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy.

The ‘Podmix’ is created to bring out a listener’s own spirituality which Gateshead says is lacking in more Western cultures and he aims to do this through Reggae music, as he believes it is rooted in the human spirituality. Through ‘The Huge Reggae Show’, Gateshead states, “My intention is to share my own feelings about reggae music, in the hope that others may feel it too. The music here is all positive. It’s about helping people who are struggling in life. To bring comfort and support to those who find it difficult to live in our current society. It can be anyone, any color, race or religion.

Earl Gateshead had a string of shows this summer, with appearances at Boomtown Fair, Outlook and Lindisfarne. Follow her social media to keep up to date with the tour and the podmix.

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