CJ’s Jamaican Food – Mixed Vegetables!


Fall Harvest Festival at Soul Food FarmSoul Food Farm in Vacaville is organizing a harvest festival, with a market, a field of pumpkins and animals! Missy from Soul Food Farm joins Dina with a preview!

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The spirit worldNeed a place to go this Halloween season? We’re at Spirit World and they’re giving us a taste of their delicious spirits and decor!

Fall Harvest FestivalWe’re in Vacaville at the Fall Harvest Festival and they are giving us a preview of this year’s festival. See what lovely cattle and what games they will have!

Capitol Beer FestivalLori Wallace is in Sacramento with the organizers of the Capitol Beer Fest and they are giving us a preview of this year’s Beer Fest. See what awesome beers and activities they’re going to have!

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Pumpkin-Palooza at David Reese Elementary SchoolSome students at David Reese Elementary School have planned a big day, and that involves LOTS of pumpkins! Lori Wallace is here with Miss Kissinger, to get the details!

Halloween not so scaryWe chat with a parenting and lifestyle expert about not-so-scary Halloween toys and games. See what you can play with the kids this Halloween season!

Fizz champagne and bubble bar anniversary celebrationFizz Champagne and Bubbles Bar are celebrating their third anniversary, and they want you to join them! Ashley Williams gets a glimpse of the big party!

Live well with KikiEnjoy a healthy cooking class in your own kitchen and get the whole family involved! Kiki Magnuson joins Courtney to give us a demonstration!

Brewing Duel DogsA local, family-owned and operated business is dedicated to making farm-fresh beers, ciders and meads. Julissa is at Dueling Dogs Brewing in Lincoln.

Smoke and beersAshley Williams is in Sacramento at the new Smoke and Beers (formerly Costanzas). They give us a taste of their delicious dishes!

Prince the poodleMeet Prince … The Poodle, in a little red corvette. You have to see this for yourself!

A king’s fan actAshley Williams is with music producer Loren Reed and they give us a preview of a Sacramento Kings Superfan song dedicated to the Kings. Discover this song produced and performed locally.

Amber Oaks Berry FarmLooking for a place to take your kids this fall? Do you like berries and fruits? Julissa Ortiz is in Auburn at Amber Oaks Berry Farm and they give us a taste of the berries and kiwis you can taste there! See the huge selection of fruits you can have!

Inauguration of a new development in VacavilleThere is a new development in Vacaville, their mission is to preserve the environment and create a community full of amenities! Curt Johansen from Triad Development joins Dina to tell us about it!

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Florida … MaleAre these stories from Florida ????

Sculpt and flowJulissa Ortiz is in Sacramento at Carve & Cast where you can get a ring personalized for you! See how you can make your own unique ring at a reasonable cost.

Calling All Dreamers – The Urban ShamanThe annual Calling All Dreamers competition has seven finalists, and you can help decide which entrepreneur will fulfill their dream of opening a downtown storefront! Julissa is with Tiffany, owner of “The Urban Shaman”, one of the finalists!

“Rethink” ice creamLori Wallace is in El Dorado Hills talking to the founder and CEO of “ReThink” Ice Cream. It’s another kind of ice cream you’ll love!

Pink Ribbon BagelsWe are at Panera Bread where they have the Pink Ribbon Bagels which support breast cancer awareness. Find out how you can support breast cancer awareness in several ways.

Sweet Golden Honey in El Dorado – Helping Caldor Fire VictimsGet honey and help the victims of the fire! Lori Wallace is in El Dorado at the Sweet Golden Honey booth, where a few young entrepreneurs are doing well selling honey!

Cal VoicesA local non-profit organization offers support to victims of Covid through peer support and crisis counseling. See how this group helps those in need.

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