CJ’s Jamaican Food – Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies


“Wasted years”Jordan and Angelo blow up the stage with a rendition of “Wasted Years” by Iron Maiden!

Local hot sauceMolly heads to Citrus Heights to taste the spices!

Dia de los MuertosBig Al attends a Dia de los Muertos celebration in Stockton.

Suck it!It’s time for a high impact sports competition that sucks!

Korner by Miss Kissinger, 8 a.m.Miss Kissinger offers some Halloween crafts!

Trunk or treat!A Church in Stockton is having a fun Halloween event that brings the community together!

Candy zip lineA family in Sacramento decided to deliver candy to kids with a zipline this Halloween!

Music for teens – 10/31Rock hits!

Stonecreek Village Halloween CarnivalStart your Halloween party with the Stonecreek Village Carnival! Enjoy pumpkin decorating, carnival games and prizes, three fun interactive shows, a costume parade, and LOTS of candy! The first 50 families will receive a Stonecreek Village shopping bag with a sweet surprise inside.

The puzzle is coming!Do you want to play a game? Jigsaw (producer Briana) arrives for spooky fun!

Korner from Miss KissingerClass is in session and Miss Kissinger is here to show us how to get kids involved in Halloween crafts!

Sugar coated cupcakesTogether with Savvy House Coffee Bar Sugar Coated Cupcakes is hosting a Harvest / Halloween party for the kids.

Cutting stack setIn this challenge, the competitor will use chopsticks and exceptional hand-eye coordination to attempt to transfer and stack four tubes of lip balm. A single slide of the stick could tip the entire stack.

Nika’s Crazy CandyNika’s Mad Sweets Trick or Treat Boxes are available for pick-up. Get your spooky treats fixed before they’re gone!

Roseville haunted houseThis Roseville family has haunted their neighborhood for years and Molly Riehl was there and scared.

We’re just curious – 10/31Name one personality trait that you can’t stand in someone

Rock stars enter the building!Rockers Jordan and Tina (and fangirl Ashley) join in on the show!

It’s Halloween!A Rocklin family goes all out for Halloween every year. Molly takes us to see the layout which is a bit Christmas and a bit Halloween!

Breakfast Club – Sweet Corn Waffles, Part 2Breakfast Club – Sweet Corn Waffles, Part 2

Breakfast Club – Sweet Corn WafflesAre they delicious? Let’s find out!

Downtown Halloween FestivalIt’s a Halloween festival with great local food and a parade to show off cute dog costumes!

Sacramento GhostbustersIf you need help telling some lingering ghosts to get lost, these guys and girls are here for you!

Flat stick pubHALLOWEEN FUN


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