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There are certain series of films that seem to capture the imaginations of all of us. Characters like Batman and Superman seem timeless, and superhero movies have always been a big hit with fans of all ages. However, it was the spy movies that first shed light on the notion of a really good guy in the movies, and no other franchise has had as much of an impact as James Bond. So if you are looking for What to do on a rainy day here is a list of the best Bond movies ranked by experts.

# 1 The golden finger – 1964

While some may argue that the new versions of the famous 007 have more validity in our modern society, it is Goldfinger who continues to be considered the best James Bond film. It is in this film that we learn how James Bond prefers his cocktail. Dr. No and From Russia with Love predated Goldfinger, but this iconic Bond film is the one that really took the series to new heights.

# 2 From Russia with love – 1963

The 1963 film From Russia with Love is the second best Bond film on our list. In this film, James Bond, played by Sean Connery, shows how a spy escapes a global threat as SPECTER pursues him across the world. Full of espionage and plenty of double crossing scenes, From Russia with Love is an action-packed movie you can’t miss.

# 3 Dr No – 1962

The first James Bond film is actually ranked 3e in our list of the best Bond films. Terence Young started the Bond series with this comedic yet remarkably entertaining action flick in which Sean Connery takes on villains in Jamaica. Bond is sent to investigate the reasons why US missile launches are hampered. Honey Ryder helps research Dr. No. Ursula Andress, Jack Lord and Joseph Wiseman star alongside Sean Connery in this compelling portrayal of James Bond.

# 4. Casino Royale – 2006

We are moving forward a few decades to Casino Royale in 2006. Daniel Craig honors us as James Bond and at his side, Eva Green plays his Bond girl.

This movie also Judi Dench in the role of Mr. Casino Royale was filled with incredible actors who are sent to distant lands. Casino Royale takes a more serious tone than previous films in the franchise.

# 5. Fall from the sky – 2012

One of the more recent James Bond films is currently ranked at number 5 on our list. Skyfall allows Sam Mendes to shine with his directing of Daniel Craig and many of the actors we loved from Casino Royale. It is in this film that we see how horribly wrong a James Bond mission can be.

# 6. Thunder clap – 1965

The story of the hijacking of 2 nuclear warheads takes Sean Connery on a whirlwind of adventures in Thunderball. Adolfo Celi plays James Bond’s nemesis and the Bond girl in this film is played by Claudine Auger. While Thunderball didn’t gain notoriety from various other Bond films, it remains one of the best in the series.

# 7. No time to die – 2021

Not everyone might have had the chance to see the final installment of Daniel Craig’s James Bond series, but director Cary Joji Fukunaga does a great job telling the story of James Bond leaving active service. and enjoying a life of leisure. However, this is not going to last and Bond is soon needed for a task that only he can do.

# 8. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – 1969

A spectacular performance by Bond girl Diana Rigg playing Tracy di Vicenzo is considered one of the best portrayals of the iconic character in the entire series. George Lazenby is introduced as James Bond as he fights the SPECTER organization as they have developed a villainous virus and plan to release it to the masses.

# 9. The spy who loved me – 1977

Roger Moore plays James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me, directed by Lewis Gilbert. Barbara Bach, Richard Kiel, and Curt Jurgens star alongside Moore in action-packed scenes involving skiing adventures in this epic spy flick. The remarkable wit and charm provided by Roger Moore lends a lot of sparkle and body to the action scenes.

#ten. Golden eye – 1995

Golden eye was the first film in the franchise in which we see Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. The plot of this film revolves around GoldenEye, a wave of radiation designed to destroy anything that has an electronic circuit. Bond is sent to retrieve GoldenEye using a range of new and improved gadgets.

# 11. License to kill – 1989

Timothy Dalton is the hero of this film directed by John Glen. Carey Lowell plays James Bond’s love interest in this darker-than-average James Bond film. The film opens with a wedding scene in which those closest to Bond are targeted and eliminated. The film features plenty of action, car chases, and intense moments between the characters.

# 12. Daylight alive – 1987

In this film, Timothy Dalton delivers a breathtaking performance of 007 in which he is sent to cover the escape of General Georgi Koscov, a deserter agent from the Soviet Union. This Bond movie is full of twists and turns and slaps in the back, but let’s not forget the epic action sequences that make this James Bond movie one of the greatest.

# 13. Just for your eyes – nineteen eighty one

It is in this James Bond film that we see how far world leaders can go to get rich. A British ship is sunk and world leaders gather to see who will be the first to discover the precious encryption device the ship was carrying. Bond must work to keep the device from falling into the wrong hands in this film directed by John Glen.

# 14. You only live twice – 1967

Sean Connery is on our list again in this Cold War James Bond film in which Russian and American spaceships disappear. It’s up to James Bond to find the handicrafts and bring them back to their respective countries. As one country blames the other, Sean Connery must restore everything between these warring nations.

# 15. Never say never – 1983

Mistakes are never meant to happen during a James Bond movie, but it’s in Never Say Never Again that Sean Connery makes a mistake and a training mission is compromised. Irvin Kershner directs Connery with Klaus Maria Brandauer, Max von Sydow and Barbara Carrera.

For more Bond action, here are the 12 remaining films in the franchise, ranked by the experts:

# 16. Live and Let Die – 1973

# 17. Quantum of Consolation – 2008

# 18. Diamonds Are Forever – 1971

# 19. Specter – 2015

# 20. Moonraker – 1979

# 21. Die Another Day – 2002

# 22. Tomorrow Never Dies – 1997

# 23. The World Is Not Enough – 1999

# 24. Octopussy – 1983

# 25. The Man with the Golden Gun – 1974

# 26. A View of a Murder – 1985

# 27. Casino Royale – 1967

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