Belgian team will participate in the reggae dance world championship 2019 | Entertainment


Organized by the Jamaican Commission for Cultural Development (JCDC), the annual reggae dance world championship is known to invite talent from around the world. For more than 10 years, dancehall and reggae groups, from court and abroad, have competed on stage in an attempt to win the league title as well as cash prizes.

The 2019 edition of the competition will take place tomorrow at the National Arena and will feature foreign talent in the form of Be Your Authentic Self, a Belgian dance group in Western Europe.

The group is an all-female coalition of seven dancers. Team members include Fanta Tounkara, Maithe Zinga, Chris Lange, Sara Ndiaye, Alexane Makosso, Ilona Makosso and Jaylissa Lambourdiere. Be Your Authentic Self specializes in dance forms that can be described as experimental and artistic, representing the creativity of the African diaspora. Their participation in the reggae dance world championship shows the group’s confidence in their ability to accurately and effectively manifest the many styles of dance present within the African diaspora, especially those from the Caribbean.

Juliett Cowan-Morgan, World Reggae Dance Championship coordinator at JCDC, says she’s always eager to see what international teams bring to the table in terms of interpretations of Jamaican dance styles.

“Every year we have interesting applications from local teams as well as from overseas. I enjoy having the opportunity to see strangers compete against local teams as it shows us how others love and receive our culture. It is also good entertainment.

Cowan-Morgan noted the distinctive dance pieces presented by the Belgian girls. She is curious to see how they will adapt tomorrow to the current pace of their rivals.

Other teams competing in the big showdown at the National Arena include Dynamix Team, Show Jammers; Passionate Steppaz; Afro Jam Tribe; Crazy Shellingz; High tension; Street K; Generation of objectives; Anchovy dancers; Street team; New Era Team; and Flava X Empire.

Tickets are available at JCDC Headquarters, Independence Village, as well as Fontana Pharmacy outlets in Barbican, Mandeville, and Montego Bay.

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