An Empowering Catamaran Cruise in Barbados – Loud Reggae Music in the Eastern Caribbean | Entertainment


Bridgetown, BARBADOS:

The sounds of Pluto Shervington I was born Yah echoed through the speakers of the catamaran on which the The gleaner Embark on the early morning of emancipation at our first reunion to celebrate Crop Over, Barbados’ most popular and colorful festival.

It was an exciting time for those familiar with the 1980s trail, especially the Jamaicans aboard the 67ft luxury vessel, as none of us were born where morning exploration took place in the afternoon. – in the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados.

The reggae singer’s music must have been one of the disc jockey’s favorites as it continued with more of the era with singles In a dancing mood and Your Honor. The popular Ram goat liver was missing, but his familiar phrases would probably have been too difficult for non-Jamaican passengers to understand.

Musical vibrations have remained in the air of reggae, like the music of Ernie Smith Ride on Sammy played in the background as the captain of the “Spirit of Barbados” catamaran, James Joseph, introduced the passengers to the crew. Then the real bacchanal began – first with the beat of the dancehall infused soca track Sexin ‘, by Konshens, and finally, the steel pan beats and sounds of soca heavyweights like Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, Skinny Fabulous and Destra sounded.

Akeal Simpson, a crew member aboard the catamaran, explained that reggae and dancehall tend to dominate the airwaves for most of the year.

“Our soca artists only have time to shine during the Crop Over period, and even then there are events that people will go to and still feel the strong presence of reggae and dancehall,” said Simpson.

He revealed that the biggest celebration of Jamaican music, and one which enjoys the participation of a wide range of people, is the Barbados Reggae Festival, which includes the Reggae Beach Party, the Vintage Reggae Show and Dance, the Reggae Party. Cruise and the popular Reggae on the Hill, which takes place in Farley Hill National Historic Park.


A day like today, celebrated as Emancipation Day, he adds, is basking in the sun and the sand. “Of course, all good music is welcome. Maybe a little Popcaan dancehall could play. The Bajans love Popcaan so much that when he released the track on Jordans ( Fresh jordan) About two years ago, the city was filled with people looking for a ‘fresh’ pair of the brand’s sneakers, “he said with a laugh.” So the dancehall and reggae genres will always be going to be. heard even though it’s the prime time of the soca. “

The rush hour of the cruise, which covered about five miles from the northwestern end of the island, was spent snorkeling on the reef, swimming with the turtles, sunbathing on the bridge and when the temperature became too high to be tolerated, the dance cabin upstairs was open to people who wanted to “get up”. However, most seemed eager to soak up the sun and gaze at the sea in wonder – the most empowering part of the cruise.

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