Alkaline “Maniac” tops iTunes Reggae music video ranking

Alkaline topped the iTunes Reggae Music Videos chart this week.

Vendetta’s new deejay video “Maniac” hits the top of the Reggae Music Videos charts on iTunes above Sean Paul, Mavado and Shaggy. Alkaline has been very successful in the charts thanks to its First price album released earlier this year. On October 19, his single “Maniac” became the # 1 bestselling reggae music video.

Alkaline’s manager / sister Kereen Beckford, who is one of her biggest supporters, had to take to Instagram to share the good news. “Thank you @xclusivemanagement for distributing the now number ONE selling Reggae Music Video Maniac on @itunes BigUp @ manhimselff Producedby @ generalrado @mauriceahr,” her sister shared in an Instagram post.

Likewise, its management also wanted to share its congratulations for the project. They said, “Thank you! For creating #Reggae history with us # Maniac @ itunes @manhimselff @ kereberry_new_era.ent.

For a while, Sean Paul dominated the charts with his contagious singles, “Temperature”, “Get Busy”, “Hot Gal”, “So Fine” and “Like Glue”. Many artists have a hard time trying to outdo these legendary tracks in sales and on the charts. However, Alkaline managed to outshine them for at least a day. The clip came out only a week ago and accomplished this great feat.

The visuals, produced by KingPride Productions, incorporated an all-black theme and highlighted the activist artist. The concept of the video revolves around his achievements, women and his invincibility with his lyrics, “Cream yeh di cream / How dem fi stop me? / Me a do dis from me a teen, yeah-ayy / I morph into a maniac. “

Top Prize is one of the most aired albums on Audiomack, has also collected four Billboard charts, and it bills itself as an album beast. The album was released on May 14 and it’s still causing a stir on many charts. Although it had no collaborations and was independently produced, the album produced another Billboard plaque to be ranked # 2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts.

Alkaline also released the music video for the album’s “Medicine” in July. Fans eagerly awaited more music videos from his album, Top Prize, and were more than grateful to see the profound visual of “Maniac.” Medicine, with over 3 million views on YouTube, is a powerhouse in its own right. , and it completely contradicts “Maniac” with its party feel-good vibe.

Top 10 iTunes Reggae charts:

  1. “Maniac” by Alkaline
  2. “Temperature (with Breakout Outro)” by Sean Paul
  3. “Take care” of Sean Paul
  4. “Hot Gal / Deport em (Uncategorized Version)” by Sean Paul
  5. “So Fine (Bonus Track)” by Sean Paul
  6. “Light Me Up” by Kevin Lyttle
  7. “Like Glue” by Sean Paul
  8. Shaggy’s “What’s Love” (feat. Akon)
  9. “Mamacita” by Collie Budzz
  10. “So special” by Mavado

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