A new restaurant that fuses Welsh and Jamaican cuisine has opened in Swansea


A new restaurant and cafe that fuses Welsh and Jamaican cuisine has opened in Swansea.

Jamaican Jills will already be familiar to foodies in Swansea Bay thanks to their locations in Neath and downtown Swansea and has now expanded to Uplands.

Named Jamaican Jills: Food Fusion, it aims to combine the Caribbean cuisine the restaurant is already known for with more traditional Welsh and British dishes, like full breakfasts and jacket potatoes.

Where is it?

Jamaican Jills: Food Fusion is located at 55 Walter Road, Uplands, Swansea SA1 5QE.

How is it going inside?

Jamaican Jills

Jamaican Jills

It’s not just the food that reflects the fusion of cultures.

The decor is very floral and rustic, rather than bright colors.

“We wanted to combine a trendy look with the Jamaican vibe,” said owner Mark Davies.

“We have a painting of a beach on the wall, which people would associate with Jamaica. But it’s also a colonial shop.”

For example, there is a model of a galleon on the wall which is a nudge to Welsh pirate Sir Henry Morgan.

Music is laid-back Jamaican, and outside there’s a patio for alfresco dining, complete with a flame-effect patio heater.

What is on the menu?

Jamaican Jills in Swansea

Jamaican Jills

Merge by name, merge by nature.

Many of the dishes on offer are available in ‘Welsh’ or ‘Jamaican’ – so you can have lamb shank plain or with jerk.

A jacket potato, for example, costs £ 4.95, with a choice of toppings – the British toppings are cheese, beans, melody and chili, or Jamaicans are chopped reggae, five-a-side curry. beans, jerk chicken and chicken curry.

Their Jamaican flagship dish is goat curry, which may seem unusual to those who have never eaten the animal before, but Mark says it really needs to be tried.

“If you’ve never been there before, we can explain some Jamaican dishes to you and our staff are very knowledgeable,” he says.

“Goat is very similar to lamb, in feel and texture. It is cooked slowly and melts in your mouth. People love it once they try it.

“We also make chicken curry and five bean curry for vegetarians, and although we use the same mixture, the color and taste is different for each.”

There will also be an array of daily specials outside, so “every day is a surprise”.

What about the drinks?

Jamaican Jills in Swansea

If you love rum and love cocktails, you won’t be disappointed.

There are 40 different flavors to choose from, including a prosecco cocktail, starting at £ 7.95.

Mark says the standard key drink is rum punch, made with Jamaican white run, dark rum, orange, pineapple and tropical juice, grenadine and lime.

13 of the cocktails are “smoking cocktails”, which – as the name suggests – smoke. The effect is achieved thanks to the dry ice, so it is completely safe.

When is it open and how do I reserve a table?

Jamaican Jills

The opening hours are Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday noon to midnight and Sunday noon to 4 p.m.

Tuesday is vegan night.

For more details or to reserve a table, contact Jamaican Jills.

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