9 best sports movies for people who aren’t sports fans


It is not uncommon for the world of cinema and the world of sport to collide. Between them, they arguably have the most number of entertainment fans, so it’s no surprise that they tend to pollinate each other. One problem, however, is that not all moviegoers are sports fans, so many great movies will fall under their radar.

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Often times, viewers who know little or nothing about sports will miss out on sports rates, often missing out on great movies. While there are certainly a large number of films aimed specifically at core sports fans, there are also more than a fair amount that even people who don’t like sports can enjoy.


Radio (2003)

The titular character looks aside in Radio

Radio tells the story of a man, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., who has special needs and enjoys sports. The film follows the main character as he befriends a trainer at his local high school. The coach brings in the Radio and allows him to participate in the supervision of the teams. Based on the true story of James Kennedy, Radio is a movie to watch with a box of tissues nearby.

Gooding’s performance is heartfelt and powerful, but it’s still not considered one of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s best movies or TV shows, which is a testament to his talent. The film is aimed at both sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike and certainly has something for everyone.

Remember the Titans (2000)

Coach Boone watches the play in Remember The Titans

Football is at the forefront of the drama Remember the titans, but it is an important film for sports fans and non-sports alike. The true story follows a black high school coach, played by Denzel Washington, who coaches an integrated football team in 1971 and leads them to victory. The film addresses racial issues that are still relevant today, in a dramatic and entertaining way.

The football scenes are easy to understand even for non-sports fans, as the music changes from sad to upbeat depending on the team’s performance. The film also features several actors before they got big, including Ryan Gosling, who many fans forget is in the film.

The Water Boy (1998)

Bobby joins the group in The Waterboy

By the end of the 90s, Adam Sandler was starting to lose popularity a bit, which is why The water boy has such mixed reviews. The film has a large fan base, but those who love it agree that it is a comedic gem. The film follows Sandler as Bobby Boucher, a waterboy for a college football team who has bizarre skills on the pitch thanks to his anger issues.

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Viewers unfamiliar with football will always find themselves rooted for the main character. Simple-minded goofball is charming to many, and they want to see it succeed. Not all jokes have aged well, but the film will appeal to a certain type of comedy fan whether they like sports or not.

Cool Races (1993)

John Candy was a stage thief in Cool Runnings

The best way for a sports movie to attract non-sports fans is to have cool characters in the foreground, which is the strong point of Cool races. The Disney film follows Irv, who sets out to coach Jamaica’s first bobsleigh team at the Winter Olympics. The film is based on a true story and is as funny as it is heartwarming.

Even non-sports fans love a good underdog story, and it’s one of the best. The film is one of John Candy’s top rated films on IMDb and is available on Disney + for anyone to experience and enjoy.

Jam Space (1996)

Bill comes to see Michael in Space Jam

A classic for children from the 90s, Space jam has a lot to love for any spectator, regardless of their knowledge of the sport. The film follows the Looney Tunes as they recruit Michael Jordan to help them win a basketball game. The film mixes live action and 2D animation, and for many it’s one of the best at it.

Basketball is the primary focus of the film, but the inclusion of the Looney Tunes means their wacky take on the sport will keep everyone entertained, even if they have no interest in the sport. The film is the first of three Looney Tunes hybrid films, and for many it’s the most nostalgic and enjoyable.

42 (2013)

Jackie talks to Branch in 42

Three years before his introduction to the MCU, Chadwick Boseman played American baseball legend Jackie Robinson in 42. Even non-sports fans should know about Jackie Robinson, who was the first black athlete to play in Major League Baseball. The film perfectly shows what Boseman was capable of, as he gives a stunning performance that befits such a powerful actor.

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The film also features Harrison Ford, who gives an equally impressive performance. You don’t have to have any knowledge of baseball to enjoy the movie, and it is a movie that cannot be recommended enough to fans of the big movies.

The Mighty Ducks (1992)

Gordon speaks with his team in The Mighty Ducks

Another family sports film produced by Disney is The mighty ducks, and it is undoubtedly the one that we remember the most. The film follows Emilio Estevez as Gordan Bombay, a lawyer who must coach an ill-fated youth hockey team as a community service. The movie is full of heart and laughter, just like any family sports movie should be.

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The film spawned a franchise with two sequels, an animated series starring actual anthropomorphic ducks, and most recently a revival on Disney +. The film has a lot of fans, but not all of them are hockey fans because the film is enjoyable in itself.

Rocky (1976)

Rocky at the top of the stairs

The movie that set the standard for stories of the underdog is 1976 Rocky. The film is iconic even for those not interested in boxing, and Rocky still holds in many ways today. The film follows the main character as he takes on the heavyweight champion in an attempt to prove his worth. The film is full of heart and shows exactly what you can do when you give your all.

The film is inspiring in so many ways, not least because much of what Rocky goes through in the film is similar to what Stallone himself went through before he grew up. The film left a legacy in the world of cinema, and it’s not due to boxing fans alone watching it. This movie, along with the sequels, is perfect for any movie buff.

The Sandlot (1993)

Smalls and the rest of the team party at The Sandlot

One of the most iconic coming-of-age movies of all time is The sand. Even though the film relies heavily on baseball, sports are not the heart of the film. The film focuses on childhood and the friends we make throughout the formative years of adolescence. Many fans of the film are not interested in baseball, and yet they enjoy it as much as sports experts.

With memorable characters and even more memorable lines, the film is gaining more and more fans year after year. The film even gets a Disney + series that will see the return of the original cast. It’s a fun flick that reminds viewers what it was like to be a child, free from the responsibilities of adulthood, which is something that sports fans and non-athletes alike can find benefit in. comfort.

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