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Idris Elba is one of the best leaders working today. He has the suave demeanor of James Bond, as well as the physique of Superman. He’s also the type to give an inspiring speech in one movie and terrifying in the next. Adept at the role of hero or villain, he is as prolific an actor as they come. For your next Elba Marathon, here are his best films.

1. The beasts of no nation

Few actors will go so far as to play the role of a commander in The beasts of no nation. Elba plays a warlord who takes children and turns them into his own soldiers. It might be horrible, but it earned Elba a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

2. The jungle Book

While not as difficult to watch as the Commander, Elba lends his voice to the terrifying portrayal of Shere Khan. While this is only a vocal performance, that doesn’t detract from its on-screen presence. the The jungle Book is one of the Disney classics, and Elba makes this modernized version a staple.

3. Pacific Rim

Certain moments of the film will be forever remembered. Indiana Jones running off a rock; Roy Scheider’s request for a larger boat. Pacific Rim must thank Elba Island for its legendary moment, with its unforgettable “Cancel the Apocalypse” speech.

4. Concrete cowboy

If you’ve always wanted to see Elba on horseback, Concrete cowboy is the movie to watch. The actor plays a stern father responsible for raising his son from whom he is separated. He’s tough but charming, and his relationship with young star Caleb McLaughlin ends up touching your heart before the credits roll.

5. Molly’s game

If you had to walk into a courtroom, you could do a lot worse than Elba as a lawyer. Aaron Sorkin’s film about a legally troubled poker empress is a compelling true story, and Elba keeps it grounded with her pragmatic performance while being effortlessly magnetic.

6. Star Trek Beyond

In his most unrecognizable role to date, Elba seems to be having the most fun in Star Trek Beyond. He’s likable as Captain Balthazar Edison and plays a villainous role in numbers and makes him a fun, menacing presence.

seven. Mandela: long march to freedom

In the role he and Morgan Freeman were born to play, Elba takes on the monumental task of portraying one of mankind’s best. He appropriates the role, giving Mandela a ferocity as he tackles the injustice of apartheid. While the movie might not be the best, Elba does the legend justice.

Damian Levy is a film critic and podcaster for Damian Michael Movies.

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