5 sports movies in streaming (and not) not to be missed

Watching Submarine, Sara Ristori’s documentary about the last two years of a swimming career in Federica Pellegrini, you can’t help but think of the sports champion as a movie character.

A few words, a determined look, over the years one thing in mind: to swim. In the film he says at 16, “I just want to swim”, and continues in 2020, when the pandemic breaks out: “hope they make me swim”.

He also said it to the microphones of Deejay Call Italy, guest of Linus and Nicola Savino: “I don’t know how to do anything: I only know how to swim“.

Halfway between the protagonist of To drive by Nicolas Winding Refn, the stuntman played by Ryan Gosling who just wanted to drive, and wonder woman. Like classic superheroes, Federica Pellegrini followed her calling, built her physical and mental armor, fought her own demons (the story of teenage bulimia is moving) and had the mentor who led her to excellence, the coach Alberto Castagnetti, who died prematurely in 2009.

The rest is history. First Olympic medalist in 2004 at the Athens Olympics: a silver medal in the 200m free at age 16 (which makes her the youngest Olympic medalist in Italy). Gold arrived at Beijing 2008. Five Olympic Games (for the moment she is the only woman in the world to have succeeded), the last at Tokyo 2020 and several world records.

Federica Pellegrini was one of the greatest athletes of all time. And she also earned several nicknames: “the divine”, which is easily explained, but also “the Phoenix”, like the tattoo she got on her neck, the origin of which she recounts in the film.

The documentary Submarine, after a brief event in the room, is now available on Amazon Prime Video from January 20, 2022. The athlete came as a guest to Radio DEEJAY to introduce him, and to the microphones of Deejay Call Italy also talked about the boyfriend and trainer Matteo Giunta, with whom he will soon marry, whom he had praised in Tokyo thus:

“If Matteo hadn’t been there, I probably would have quit a few years ago. He was a great coach and a special life partner, I hope he will be in the future too.

The priority was to keep the coach and athlete image separate and we were very good at that. He was a fundamental person, one of the most important in this human and sporting journey. “

Federica Pellegrini: watch the interview with Deejay calling Italy

Not just swimming, though. From Zatlan at the last dance, the last few years of film and television have been a gold mine for sports fans. After Submarine, Here you are five other titles to recover.

Zlatan: the film about Zlatan Ibrahimović

Presented at the Rome Film Fest 2021, Zlatan, Jens Sjögren’s film about the life of Zlatan Ibrahimovic which chronicles the evolution from child pariah to champion, was released in Italian cinemas in November 2021. In Sweden it has arrived in cinemas these days, so it will be some time before we can pick it up on streaming.

In the meantime, if you missed it, you can prepare with Adrenaline, an autobiographical book that Ibra presented last December at the microphones of Deejay Call Italy. Find the interview below.

The Last Dance: Michael Jordan’s final years with the Chicago Bulls

the last dance, a ten-part documentary directed by Jason Hehir and produced by NBA Entertainment with ESPN, chronicles the 1997 and 1998 seasons, the latest to date Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls.

There are testimonials from those directly involved, including the gorgeous three: Jordan, Scottie Pippen (who didn’t take the miniseries very well), and Dennis Rodaman.

Basketball told as if it were an epic adventure: at one point it seems to watch a company in style The Lord of the Rings. Unavoidable. You can find it on Netflix.

Ali: The Muhammad Ali Movie Starring Will Smith

January 17, 2022 Mohamed Ali he would have been 80 years old. A sports legend, he has become an icon through his political and social commitment. The last film in which the boxing champion appears is That night in Miami… directorial debut of actress Regina King (you can find it on Amazon Prime Video).

The most famous, however, is certainly Ali from Michael Mann, released in 2001: interpreting it is Will Smith, who earned his first Best Actor Oscar nomination for this performance (the second came with The pursuit of happiness and the third could come with A winning family – King Richard). You can also find it on Prime Video.

Quattro sottozero: the film about the Jamaican bobsleigh team

The participation of the Jamaican bobsleigh team in the Winter Olympics from Calgary 1988 it was such an unexpected event that it deserved a film: Cool Runnings – Four Below Zero, released in 1993 and directed by Jon Turteltaub.

Fun and light-hearted, it’s also one of the comedian’s final big-screen appearances. John Candy (You may remember him for his role as Gus Polinski, the Midwestern Polka King, in Mom I missed the plane).

You can find it on Disney Plus, and we mention it because in addition to being a bit of a 90s cult, is about to return very current: the Jamaican bobsleigh team has indeed qualified for Beijing 2022 and is preparing to return to the Winter Olympics with three teams!

A winning family – King Richard: the story of the father of the Williams sisters

The film for which Will Smith just won the Golden Globe for best actor in a dramatic film (and for which he could win the Oscar) was released on January 13: A winning family – King Richard, tells the story of Richard Williams, father and trainer of Venus and Serena Williams (in the film, actresses Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton), the strongest tennis players of all time and absolute icons of the sport.

For this role the actor has metamorphosed gaining weight and getting old: he is not the classic hero he has accustomed us to, indeed the character is not without flaws, but Smith once again tells the American dream, with an interpretation that aims to motivate and inspire people.

(photo: Fremantle)

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