13 winter films that excite us

The future has fangs on the big screen this season. Black actors and storytellers are heading into space, transforming the aesthetic of Shakespearean tragedies, bracing for poor outcomes from potentially vicious battles, climbing the ranks of the design community, capturing the imagery that inspired a generation and proving that there is really no honor among thieves.

They also nestle behind a wide-angle camera lens, sway between mystical threads, giggle in animated universes, hide stolen secrets, and spend time in the private world of sneakerheads. The intrigue is not lacking in the novelties to come this season.

Watch fairy tales turn for the alpha generation, take part in a race to prevent armageddon and return to the heart of the Matrix. Introduce a loved one to one of the greatest black performers of a generation, watch an animated version of a rockstar road trip or settle in for a family story and watch a world-class actor cultivate the talents of a young idol as he enters the world of directing.

Check out 13 new movies we can’t wait to see this winter below.

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