10 noir travel movies that capture the beauty of summer

Directed by John Singleton, Poetic Justice became an instant noir classic when it was released in 1993. Not only does the film capture the beauty of summer, it also features an all-star cast including Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Regina King and Joe Torry.

Centered on a young black woman named Justice played by Jackson, Poetic Justice follows the young woman’s struggle with depression after the loss of her boyfriend to gun violence. To deal with the murder, Justice can be heard reciting her poetry throughout the film. Hoping to cheer up her friend, King invites Justice to join her boyfriend (Torry) and her friend (Shakur) on a road trip from South Central LA to Oakland in a mail truck. Having to go to Oakland for a hair salon but without means of transport, Justice obliges and their adventure begins.

Poetic Justice is a beautiful film that captures the essence of black culture in the 90s and the magnificence of Summertime on the West Coast. The journey from South Central to Oakland takes viewers through incredible landscapes in California and glimpses of mountain ranges and ocean views can be seen throughout the film. One of the most iconic moments in Poetic Justice is the family reunion scene. A nostalgic moment for viewers, this scene takes you back to that time when life was simpler and family mattered. Poetic Justice is the West Coast travel movie you must have in your collection.

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