10 Movies Where The Glee Cast Was Together Again

Joy has made its triumphant return to streaming on Hulu and Disney+, and fans are getting nostalgic for the darling music show. It’s comforting to know that the actors’ careers didn’t end with the final episode, “Dreams Come True,” and fans can still see them doing what they do best on screen.

In fact, some of them have worked together on entirely new projects. There are several films featuring more than one Joy actor, whether he has a role on the show or is part of the original Glee Club. The movies span multiple genres, so there’s plenty of diverse content for audiences to soak up as they watch in the Joy filmography of the actors.


10/10 After Reality (2016)

by David Anderson after reality created in April 2016, the year after Joy ended emotionally. The film stars Will Schuester himself. Actor Matthew Morrison plays a reality TV star who must give up his dreams of love and fame when his father dies.

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The comedy/drama also stars Jane Lynch, the woman behind scheming Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester. She plays the small role of a doctor in after realitywhich is a far cry from the villain who dresses up as a Grinch to steal presents from the Glee Club at Christmas.

9/10 The Normal Heart (2014)

Joy ended in 2015, long after famed actors Matt Bomer and Jonathan Groff made their first appearances on the show. Groff plays Jesse St. James, the season 1 love interest, rival and, oddly enough, future husband of Rachel Berry. Matt Bomer makes a guest appearance as brother of C-List actor Blaine Anderson Cooper in season three.

In 2014, Ryan Murphy capitalized on his established relationships with both talents to have them both on board for The normal heart, a moving film about the AIDS crisis. Bomer stars as Felix Turner and Groff plays Craig, bringing Murphy’s vision to life and leading to his receipt of amFAR’s “Inspiration Award.”

8/10 Jay and Silent Bob reboot (2019)

Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin notoriously worked together as the flash and super girl, but the commonalities in their filmography do not end there. Benoist plays the role of Marley from season 4 of Joywhile Gustin plays Season 3 antagonist Sebastian Smythe, a character some consider one of the worst Joy secondary characters.

In 2019, the two triple threats took on small roles in actor, writer and director Kevin Smith’s buddy comedy Jay and Silent Bob reboot. The film is the eighth installment in what it calls the View Askewniverse, named after Smith’s production company, and another reason Grant and Benoist reunite after Joy.

7/10 Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Ralph breaks the internet is the sequel to the family favorite Disney movie, Ralph’s wreckage. Whether Joy fans listen carefully as they next watch the 2018 hit, they can hear two familiar voices behind the animated characters.

Jane Lynch, also known as Sue Sylvester, plays Sergeant Calhoun. She’s the commander of Hero’s Duty, and Fix-It Felix Jr. Dianna Aragon’s future wife, beloved Quinn Fabray, has a much smaller role as a news anchor than just a Joy– the trained ear will catch.

6/10 Nobody’s Crazy (2019)

Amber Riley has become synonymous with Mercedes Jones, bringing audiences soulful tunes and heartfelt belting notes in every season of the show. Once the crew moved to New York, Whoopi Goldberg joined the Joy interpreted as Carmen Tibideaux, the dean of NYADA.

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These two actors have signed on to Tyler Perry’s remake of no one is fooled which was released in 2019. The romantic comedy follows an ex-convict who meets her sister after her release from prison, only to discover she is having an online relationship with a potential catfish. Riley gets plenty of screen time as Kalli, and Goldberg plays old but spunky Lola.

5/10 Hello again (2017)

by Tom Gustafson Hello again is a musical drama based on the Broadway musical. It follows ten wandering souls through New York as they fall in love with each other. Gleeks will recognize two of the ten, with Jenna Ushkowitz as Marie and Cheyenne Jackson as Robert.

In Joy, Jenna Ushkowitz plays Glee club member Tina Cohen-Chang, a pivotal character for the show’s six seasons, with many Redditors fighting over the opinion that Tina deserved better. Cheyenne Jackson has a fairly brief stint as Dustin Goolsby, the head coach of rival club Glee Vocal Adrenaline.

4/10 New Year (2011)

Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy new year’s eve features the actress behind one of the iconic main characters of Joy. Lea Michele is a member of the ensemble cast, playing Elise in the vacation film which takes place over the course of a single day.

Lea Michele is joined by sex and the citystarring Sarah Jessica Parker. As some fans may recall, Parker appears in a few episodes later. Joy seasons like Isabelle Wright, a vogue executive who mentors Kurt in the fashion industry. She plays Kim in new year’s eve.

3/10 The Swing of Things (2020)

The swing of things follows a man who accidentally books his destination wedding at a Jamaican resort that happens to be a swingers resort. Chord Overstreet stars as Tom, the groom whose mistake causes chaos. His Joy the character, Sam, may have made the same mistake in this situation.

Everyone’s favorite football coach JoyCoach Beiste, also has a role in The swing of things. Dot-Marie Jones plays a character named Finley in the film, who is quite different from her tough but sensitive Joy character. Jones and Overstreet worked closely on the show, with Sam being one of Beiste’s athletes and one of the first people to welcome him to McKinley after undergoing gender confirmation surgery.

2/10 The Smurfs (2011)

Neil Patrick Harris appears in Joy as Bryan Ryan, William Schuester’s high school nemesis who returns to McKinley for season one, episode nineteen. Jayma Mays, meanwhile, plays beloved Emma Pillsbury, who later becomes Will’s wife.

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The two stars are behind the voices of everyone’s favorite little blue species. Neil Patrick Harris plays Patrick Winslow in the 2011 film The Smurfs, while Jayma Mays plays Grace Winslow. They may not have learned to flex their voice the same way they did on Joybut they can show the world their voice acting like computer animated characters.

1/10 Frozen (2013)

Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff play two main characters from Disney’s Frozen, a film that marked an era for children and adults who love Disney. Idina Menzel is the voice behind “Let It Go” as Elsa, while Jonathan Groff plays Kristoff, Anna’s reindeer father and lover.

Jonathan Groff plays Jesse St. James in early episodes of Joy, later returning to marry Rachel Berry in the final season. Idina Menzel plays Shelby Corcoran, Rachel’s biological mother who adopts Quinn and Puck’s daughter.

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