10 movies that will cool you down in a hot summer

When summer temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), our enthusiasm for warm weather can begin to wane. While ice cream and a dip in the sea may be appealing, it’s a luxury that isn’t possible during a typical workweek. When you’re stuck in a hot, stuffy office that lacks air conditioning, a hot summer loses its appeal.

While we don’t have a miracle cure for cooling off in hot weather (although I’ve heard that putting cold water on your wrists provides instant, albeit limited, relief), we do know a bunch of great movies that are so stuffed with snow, ice, and freezing cold characters, you’ll be able to enjoy a vicariously cooldown.

So sit back, relax and get ready to feel a little cooler…

Movies to refresh you

10 Movies In Which Freezing Temperatures Leave Characters Desperate For The Heat. When a long, hot summer leaves you hot, sweaty, and hooked to the nearest fan or air conditioning unit, these freezing flicks feature enough snow, ice, and frozen fingers and toes to cool you down.

groundhog day


Survival in the cold desert

Alive - 1993

In October 1972, a small commercial flight to Chile carrying a Uruguayan varsity rugby team and a few other people crashed in the Andes. When the rescue party failed to perform, the survivors reverted to cannibalism to stay alive.

The wrecked fuselage – which takes quite a beating in the horrific crash – remains an integral part of this true story throughout the film, as it provides the remaining passengers with their only shelter from the freezing conditions.

Eddie the eagle

Winter sports

Eddie the Eagle - Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton

Based on the true story of Michael Edwardsa physically handicapped child who ignores his father’s pleas to join his trade as a plasterer to become Britain’s first ski jumping competitor since 1929, Eddie the eagle is a feelgood comedy-drama that pleases audiences with the light-hearted performances of Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, and its unapologetically sweet sentimentality. A story of rags to riches without the riches.

the brilliant

More than just frost burn

Set only in a secluded haunted hotel in the Rocky Mountains that’s snowbound for the winter, the brilliant is freezing from the first minute. The sight of by Jack Nicholson the dead guardian alone is enough to make your blood run cold.

The Hateful Eight

This really made snow in the old west

The best snowy westerns

After the Civil War, a stagecoach sails through the wintry Wyoming landscape with passengers, including a famous bounty hunter and his high-priced prisoner. Sheltering new passengers along the way and with a storm brewing, the group seeks shelter for the night at a stagecoach stop. But not all guests are who they say they are and others may be looking for the bounty as well.


The cold can be murder

Top 10 Frances McDormand Movies

Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson in Fargo.

The best performance of At Frances McDormand’s career appears in the brilliant detective thriller of the Coen brothers Fargo. His character Marge Gunderson must be considered one of the greatest female performances of the 20th century. Yes, it really is that good. In as dark a movie as it gets – which you might recall as dismembered bodies shoved through wood chippers – McDormand adds a light touch that impressively avoids caricature despite the character’s seemingly cartoonish quirks.

She’s a heavily pregnant police chief on the hunt for cop killers, her verbose personality proving to be neat interrogation technique as she attempts to unravel the mystery through various witnesses. Her can-do attitude is the film’s counterbalance to the horrific criminality presented, a sense of hope that pervades Marge and slices through the dark desperation that emanates from those she tries to put behind bars.

Cool races

“Cold? I’m freezing my Royal Rastafarian nay-nays!

Cool races follows the story of a Jamaican sprinter disqualified from the Olympics, but determined to represent his country on the biggest stage. He appeals to a disgraced coach, embodied by the late John Candywho helps create the most unlikely of outfits, the Jamaican bobsled team.

groundhog day

Snow. Cold. Repeat.

Groundhog Day - Bill Murray

by Bill Murray Meteorologist Phil Connors experiences the same frigid winter day over and over again in this adorable time-loop comedy.

The thing

Aliens in the Snow

The ThingFilmJohn CarpenterJack Russell

A little like by Stanley Kubrick the brilliant, this horror film sees a group of characters trapped in the desert by snow. This time, however, the setting is even colder as Kurt Russell and the crew of an American research station find themselves fighting for their lives in Antarctica.


T-shirts at -1c

Cliffhanger - Sylvester Stallone

by Sylvester Stallone A ranger finds himself in trouble when he finds himself between a band of thieves and their loot in the freezing cold of the Colorado Rockies. At one point, the gang, led by a brilliantly camp John Lithgowforce the ranger to take off his thermal coat to climb a snowy mountain in search of their money.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

frozen death

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Han Solo finds Luke Skywalker near death on the ice planet Hoth and uses the hot innards of a dead tauntaun to ward off hypothermia.

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